ByTaly Andino, writer at
Taly Andino

A reboot of The Tick is just what the doctor ordered.

Amazon has taken it upon themselves to order a the pilot for a live action reboot to the 2001 cult favorite.

The original show first aired in 2001 and was then cancelled in 2002. The reason for the cancellation was at the time put to question, as fingers were being pointed to Fox for their lack of promotion. Since The Tick was not owned by Fox, they didn't feel the need to promote the show as they did 24 or any of their other shows. Even with the great reviews by critics and the praises of its loyal fans, the show never found a big enough audience for Fox to consider keeping in their time slots. The show was cancelled during the second season and after eight episodes were already aired.

Now with Amazon attempting to put a dent into Netflix's dominance over online streaming, lets just hope they put the time, money and effort to make this great comic into an even better show.


Are you hoping for cameos from the original cast?


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