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The final Civil War trailer was released yesterday and it was packed with new scenes, great action and easter eggs.

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Anyways, while re-watching the trailer for about the 100th time, I came across this neat piece of Information that I had previously overlooked.

The Damage and Death toll of previous Avenger related Incidents

If you look closely at the clip shown by General Ross to the Avengers we see how much damage and deaths occurred in said incidents.

The Battle of New York (The Avengers)

Look the the top right corner of this picture.

The overall loss seems to be about 18.8 billion and casualties stand at 74.

Washington DC (Captain America : The Winter Soldier)

The overall loss is at about 2.8 billion and the death toll is at 23 civilians.

Invasion of Sokovia (Avengers : Age of Ultron)

The overall loss stands at 474 billion and civilian casualty stands at 177.

So now we know the exact destruction and casualties of these incidents.Hopefully we will get to know about more incidents like Malekith's Invasion, Hulk's African rampage etc. in the full scene.

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