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Blumhouse productions deliver their latest horror venture in the form of The Darkness which stars Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell.

The studio that previously brought us The Purge, Insidious and The Visit, looks set to bring another nightmare to life this year. I love a good Haunted House movie, see my personal top ten here.

Can't even chill at bath time?...
Can't even chill at bath time?...

Here's the plot:

The film is based on what are said to be "actual events" about a family who visit the Grand Canyon, upon returning home, it seems they have brought a Native American curse back with them that feeds off their fears and takes over their lives.

what you been eating boy?
what you been eating boy?

Heard enough? check out the trailer below

Gives me chills, i'll be sure to check this out, i mean, i haven't seen Kevin Bacon in a real horror film since 1999's Stir of Echoes!.......hopefully after this he'll be also doing the long rumored Tremors film/TV Show.

The Darkness hits theaters everywhere May 13th.......wait a second that's a Friday...AAARGH!


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Movie Reviews, ShortFilms and Much More....
Movie Reviews, ShortFilms and Much More....


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