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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13 was a killer burst of claustrophobia, with Carol and Maggie fighting tooth and nail to stay alive in captivity. If 'The Next World' was Rick & Daryl's Lethal Weapon episode, then 'The Same Boat' was Maggie & Carol's Saw.

That's not a comparison to use glibly; Maggie and Carol are chained in a small, tiled room and forced to use their wits (and brutal methods of dispatch) to survive. Besides, although none of Rick's people died in this episode, more people were horribly killed than the entire first Saw movie. Check out the 5 best moments...

1. Carol Feigning Weakness

Carol, you sly dog! Following from her genius 'ooh, I'm a nice, innocent little lady' when the gang first arrived in Alexandria, Carol fakes a hyperventilating fit and clutches a rosary (allowing her to sharpen the cross into a lethal shiv) to lull her captors into a false sense of security... and eventually impale her on a spike. Well played, Carol, well played.

2. Knots Untie

Of all of the vicious death blows in this episode, perhaps the most sadistic was Maggie untying that poor bastard's tourniquet, letting out his inner Walker sooner rather than later. It's always the quiet, merciless ones that get you the most, and Maggie loosening that knot had the silent power of one of those torturous pillow-on-the-face moments. Savage.

3. Maggie Loses Her Shit

Sure, that consumptive old bat had been winding her up, but Maggie's explosive rage was an unexpected - albeit awesome - moment. Blood and brain splattered the camera as Maggie smashed her just-bitten victim's head into gory smithereens. Well, the first trimester is one of the most difficult parts of any pregnancy...

4. Number 20

I'm a bit gutted that this girl didn't join Carol and Maggie. She seemed sympathetic to Maggie's pregnancy in a way that her friends weren't, and hinted at a back story that could have developed into something interesting. Still, you fuck with Maggie and Carol's gonna BLAM you in the head, point blank. Say 'Hi' to your dead boyfriend, biyotch.

5. Fight Fire With Fire

O.M.G. I am committed lover of all televisual spectacles of brutality, but even I was slightly surprised when Maggie and Carol lit a bunch of live, unsuspecting dudes ON FIRE. When Carol says 'those things'll kill ya', she really means it!

Maybe this is just me, but after watching an episode of The Walking Dead, I like to watch the promo for it and think about what I did and didn't see coming...

Oh, and don't go without ruminating on this major thought: we know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan - so that random guy Rick shot in the face sure as shit wasn't Negan - but does Rick know that?

Which was your major HELL YEAH moment in this episode of The Walking Dead?

Source: Youtube, AMC


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