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The new trailer for Captain America Civil War was released yesterday , and it was full of new details about the new film , but the main reveal was our first look at Tom holland as Spiderman , and as critical as you may be , that suit looks awesome.

I am going to be going through some of the most important parts of the trailer and then i am going to give my overall thoughts , here we go .

1) Underwater Prison Facility

We do not know much about this underwater facility but some people speculate that it may be built by tony stark or maybe even hydra and that the winter soldier may have been held there , we know that this is going to be a major part of the film , and we may get some more info on the next trailer .

under water prison
under water prison

2) Sakovia Accords

In this part of the trailer we see Thunderbolt Ross speaking to Cap, Falcon and Scarlet witch, he is showing them videos of their past "adventures", in these videos we see the number of deaths and the amount of money spent on restoring the damage , Thunderbolt Ross gives them the Sakovia Accords and i think this is the part of the film when it all kicks off , this is going to be very key.

Sakovia Accords
Sakovia Accords

3) Black Panther vs Bucky

One of the biggest reveals in this film is Black Panther , he originates from the country of Wakanda , any marvel fan knows that this is the place that vibranium is from . We don't know the reason why Black Panther is after Bucky but it seems that he has revenge on his mind . One of the many things we have to look forward to

4)Cap Vs Iron Man

By saying Cap vs Iron man I am not talking about the big final battle scene , i am talking about when it is Cap and Iron man battling it out before they get their other team members , this is not going to be the climax of the film , but it will be very near that .

5) Team up

Now , this is the real climax of the film , this is the part were both sides have their followers and are ready to fight it out to the death, this is the big Imax scene that everybody is looking forward to , the big money scene. And now another part that everybody is looking forward to .

6) Spider-Man

Although people don't like to admit it , this is the part that everybody is looking forward to, the big reveal. This is the part of the trailer that made everyone's jaw drop, this is the part that is causing the most controversy . There is a lot of debate over whether or not the new costume looks any good , in my opinion it is great , but others think differently , I will let you decide for yourself , here it is .

Final thought , overall I loved this trailer and it gives us a lot more information than previously thought , thank you very much comment and follow if you liked it , goodbye.


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