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The films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have done a great job taking the ideas from the comics and giving them a fresh take on screen. Fans don't always know how the films will play out, given the fact that the filmmakers pull those ideas from multiple storylines and universes from the comics.

Sometimes It's Spot On
Sometimes It's Spot On

Since the announcement that Captain America: Civil War was being made, fans have speculated on if we would see the comic's fatal ending play out on screen.

In the Civil War comic, in order to stop even more destruction and death, Captain America surrenders himself and is arrested after participating in an all-out battle in the middle of New York. On the day of his arraignment, Cap is shot at by Crossbones while a brainwashed Sharon Carter delivers the killing shot.

I believe that Captain America will not be killed off in the film. One major reason I believe this is the recent comment from Joe Russo discussing how the movie differs from the source material:

"The Marvel Cinematic Universe varies drastically from the published universe. Sometimes the stories from publishing inspire a large part of a film’s narrative. Other times it inspires a central idea. In this case it inspired the central idea. So the movie is loosely based on the original Civil War arc it borrows more from the book on a philosophical level than it does on a narrative level." (Source - Buzzfeed)

While no one knows for sure how the film will end just yet, there are rumors that two endings have been shot. One ending has the classic comic ending described above, and the other having Captain and some of his Avengers team going into hiding. But after watching the latest and greatest trailer for the film, one crucial new detail has formed my idea of how the movie will end up playing out: the introduction to the Raft.

The Raft will act as a stand-in for Prison 42 from the Civil War comic. From the looks of the trailer, it will combine elements of both Prison 42 and the Raft and serve as a containment home for those super-powered individuals who choose not to follow the new laws imposed upon them. In the Civil War comic, Prison 42 is also the setting for the final battle.

This is where I believe Marvel figured out a great way to bench Captain America without following the comics and killing him off, by having him either surrender himself or be forcefully imprisoned by his so called "friend" Tony Stark in the end. As you can see by trailer still below, Tony is standing in the middle of the prison surrounded by cells, looking very beat up — both physically and mentally — over the costs of war. Maybe he has even put Captain America back on ice; talk about a full circle moment for the hero.

Feeling the weight of his choices
Feeling the weight of his choices

We will just have to wait and see what will happen after the final punches are thrown when the film is released on May 6th.

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Do you think Captain America will make it out of 'Civil War' alive?


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