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There's precisely one week to go until Netflix drops season 2 of Daredevil, and if you watched the first season you'll know why this is a big deal.

Netflix's first foray into the murky, dangerous NYC neighbourhood of Hell's Kitchen not only changed the game for Marvel, setting up something far darker than the movie world of the Avengers, but also proved that a superhero show can be legit the best thing on television.

If you're anything like me, you probably couldn't be any more stoked for this second chapter of Matt Murdock's adventure - but you also probably don't want to talk about anything else for the next week or so. With that in mind, here are 3 things I want to see from season 2.

1. Elektra's history with Matt

The excellent second trailer quickly establishes that Matt views Elektra as trouble. Why is that? What went down between them in past to make him so reluctant to get involved with the French seductress?

Speaking to Marvel's podcast, actress Elodie Yung teased a little more of the dynamic between vigilante and assassin:

"She really struggles to bond with people ... her weakness is Matthew. Whereas I guess a real sociopath wouldn't have any love for anyone."

The idea of Elektra's sociopathic nature has been a recurring one in interviews with Yung, but it seems from this comment that there's a capability for love in the character that might make her more trustworthy than a true sociopath.

That said, she's a killer, and Yung trained hard in various types of karati to get Elektra's swordplay down. So when she's being badass and drawing blood, you can bet she'll take more than a little enjoyment from it.

2. Will the Punisher be as sympathetic as Fisk?

In its early review of season 2, The Independent spoke about the difference between Wilson Fisk and Frank Castle:

In the first season, Kingpin was the definite villain, yet here there is no real bad guy. Very little differentiates Murdock and Castle, only the idea of ending someone's life, and you can root for both of them.

Daredevil knows plenty about sympathetic villains. Although ruthless, Fisk was a man who we genuinely believed wanted better for his city, which at times made it easy to forget he was, ultimately, the villain.

One of the many reasons Jessica Jones was so great was that it posited good against bad, Jessica vs. Kilgrave, a war with only one satisfying resolution. Does season 2 run the risk of making Frank Castle too sympathetic? And if so, will the absence of a truly bad antagonist become a problem?

3. Night Nurse and Luke Cage?

Rosario Dawson absolutely killed it in season 1 as superhero-fixer Claire Temple, or as she's known in the comics but never explicitly referred to on-screen, Night Nurse. That said, she only appeared in 5 episodes, and we needed more.

One of the reasons her role in season 1 was somewhat limited was that her main function was to act as a moral compass, as well as a doctor and lover, to Matt. So what ties will be established to expand her role in season 2?

In certain Marvel comic arcs, Night Nurse actually has a relationship with Luke Cage. The finale of Jessica Jones left things unresolved between Jessica and Luke, with him free to explore other avenues... and with Elektra on the scene, Matt's attentions could be diverted too, giving rise to the possibility of a Claire Temple and Luke Cage hook-up.

And I don't know about you, but I think that would be pretty f---ing hot.

And finally...

Charlie Cox also used a recent featurette to tease the high intensity of this second chapter:

"Last season Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk didn't even meet until episode nine and this year Matt and Frank are meeting in the first episode. [Matt has] grown in confidence. I think he's really started to enjoy being Daredevil. Certainly, initially he's less concerned with the stuff he was worried about last season: the Catholic guilt and that stuff. He feels like what he's doing is justified ... and with that comes a kind of arrogance and swagger that we haven't seen in Matt before."

Scratch what I said in the intro: I'm now even more stoked than before. Now let me just cancel all my plans next weekend...

Daredevil season 2 drops Friday, March 18th on Netflix.


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