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Thomas Marsula

As of Yesterday Spiderman was shown in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. I first want to emphasize that I had no clue that Sony confirmed Spiderman was in the film. So yes I first though this was a Spoiler. I found is amusing that people got hyped for this and yet were mad when Doomsday was shown. I want to clarify that I know these are two different things.

Civil War also shows it's villain and no one complained most likely because he was overshadowed by the mere presence of Spiderman. I find it funny that it seems like Superhero movies have to go out of their way to show all their cards. It seems like it would be impossible to make a superhero trailer and not show any of the characters. If there is when thing it take away from this it's that people don't really care about Spoilers. In fact it seems to only make an audience want to see it more either way. I made a video about it here:

I even as far as to make a meme just about my situation itself:

#BeholdSpoilerman#BeholdSpoilerman" title="">

I made a comment about if my group of Superheros were famous and I did a trailer without showing any of the characters would anyone want to watch the movie? It's a compelling question. Let me know what you think and help make a hashtag on twitter just to see if I can get that to trend.


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