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Wait, could Vision be responsible for the spark that ignites Marvel's Civil War? Maybe? Happy day after the 'Captain America: Civil War' trailer! And I know --- if you're reading this you're thinking one of my favorite Weezer's song, ' Say it Ain't So'! No -- Kurty you're wrong -- Crossobones will all likely be the one who starts Marvel's Civil War. He might be the one -- since a villain name 'Nitro' ignited the Stamford incident in the comics -- but let's take a look at how I possibly think Vision has anything to do with the atrocity of killing an Avenger.

He's sorta related to Ultron

This really shouldn't matter, but it's something that I must point out. I fell in love with Vision the moment he stopped and looked out the window at the Avengers' facility. I thought it was hilarious when he took one look at Thor's cape and decided he should have one too! And then he picked up Thor's hammer --- he saved Scarlet With from the land-bomb and cracked a joke about being born yesterday. He's awesome and I don't want to believe that he could be the one to start this whole mess. Or:

Did he shoot down Rhodey?

But he's on Team Iron Man? This compelling piece of evidence --- really makes you wonder if we actually know anything about the upcoming Marvel move? I have a theory on why Vision switches sides in the upcoming skirmish (battle?); And if he's willing to kill Rhodey, what else is he willing to do. But he looks to be at the battle with Stark and Spider-Man when our heroes face-off.

As you can see with picture up above (Did Scarlet Witch juice up the Mind Stone?) --- it looks like he might actually be the one to shoot down our second favorite Armored Avenger. I don't know who else could possibly have shot him down at airport in Germany. What are the chances that they would show Rhodey's death in the trailer? Why would he turn on Rhodey and is this all a giant misdirection?

What is going on in this scene with Scarlet Witch?

Who's the person lying on the ground next to Scarlet Witch? Just from this picture alone --- looks like Vision has gone completely mental. But what if it's the other way around. There might be some clues that were in the trailer about Scarlet's mental state throughout the movie. And isn't this picture set at the place as the picture below --- it's weird and I don't exactly know what to make of it.?

What happens if Vision harmed Hawkeye (is Hawkeye kinda like her surrogate brother?) --- check out the interview with her from Screenrant about her relationship with Hawkeye in the new movie:

Jeremy Renner: Yeah, I think there’s a great connection between these two characters for sure. I mean, I don’t know if she’s coming over for dinner on the Barton ranch… [laughter]
Elizabeth Olsen: … Yeah I don’t know – I could be!
Jeremy Renner: She may or may not, I dunno. Maybe we go fishing or something… [Laughs]
Elizabeth Olsen: Yeah, totally. I do think in this film we try to tie together that their relationship has gotten stronger – that their friendship has gotten stronger from the last film, sure.

Cap is just a super-nice-duper-guy and by the look on Wanda's face --- the events of Sokovia is still bothering her, specifically losing her brother. There's one person in this movie -- no names -- was the one that caused the attack on Sokovia and was partly responsible for her parents' death.

Scarlet Witch will probably loose her noggin' and go crazy on the villainous (just watch the trailer) Mr. Stark. The part that interests me -- in a recent interview she mentioned how Vision and her are related: due to how both of them received their powers through the Mind Stone.

Elizabeth Olsen: Yeah I mean I think there’s something unique in the fact that her powers come from the same thing that powers him, and that is how we’ve made them have that kind of… that specifically in common, as opposed to it being something else that the comics kind of created, which has been pure romance. But they do have something uniquely special because of that.

Vision is on the side for humanity and after writing this article --- I don't believe he could be responsible for starting the attack; but he might have really damaged his chances of going to a Christmas Party with Stark. I believe that he'll feel her pain from the lost of her brother and decides to switch sides out some sort of love he has for her. When Vision held her in his arms at the end of Age of Ultron --- I know, everyone was on that ship, but I don't believe they'll be romantically involve. Last thing, doesn't this seem like they're flirting with the idea of House of M? Do you think Vision could possibly kill Rhodey in Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America Civil War hit theaters on May 6th in the United States!

Source: Screenrant


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