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You remember that one scene in the movie The Ring where the distorted girl is curled up in a corner in the closet?

Yeah... After watching that in theatres, I watched the rest of the movie with a hoodie over one eye! I was a wee little lad at the time... so don't judge! I slept like a baby that night! Yeah... kicking, screaming and waking up every 30 minutes!

I thought that it was a great scary movie that had an awesome story that kept you on the edge of your seat.

When I heard that there was in works of a third movie, I wanted to do my own digging. This is what I found:

The Title

I thought that it was interesting that the third movie's title was Rings instead of The Ring 3. It's almost copying these horror movie franchises by just simply adding an 'S' at the end.


It's like they were trying to be creative by making the sequel to their movies not have a number behind it, but instead they made the noun plural.

What's next? Another crossover movie? Aliens Vs Predators Vs Rings? Gee... I sure hope not!

Knowing that the title is going to be Rings instead of The Ring 3, I wanted to find out what the synopsis was going to be. Sadly it was this:

The Synopsis

Samara returns with a familiar video tape to strike terror again in the third film of the Ring series, Rings.

Well firstly, I personally don't like it. The reason that I don't like the synopsis is because VHS's are a thing in the past. Unless your going out of your way to a pawn shop or a thrift store so that you can collect those type of things. I mean wasn't Blu-ray invented to prevent Samara from coming back?

Granted that blank tape has become some form of iconic symbol that you should steer clear from, but I think it would be more scary if the tape was converted into Blu-ray.

Think about it. A group of college students happen to stumble upon the blank tape. Just like what happened in the first movie, the only difference is that they don't have a VHS player. This forces them to try and find one that works. Fortunately they're not able to find one. Still determined to know what's in the tape, they go to a store that can convert VHS's to DVD's. BIG MISTAKE!

Once they made the copy and finished the video, they get a call from a sweet innocent girl's voice echoing in their ears, "Seven days...".

Side Note:

Have you ever noticed that the boy at the beginning of the first film had his girlfriend watch the tape on his seventh day? The movie didn't explain why he was doing that. Maybe the boy heard rumors that if you share the tape to someone close to you, you will live passed the seventh day? That didn't end too well with him now did it? Was it because the girl took her eyes off the screen? Or maybe she didn't like him that way? I don't know.

We later learn that all you had to do in order to live passed the seventh day mark, was to simply make a copy of the VHS.

It would be cool to actually see the origin of the tape and how it was made. Maybe we'll see a backstory of that in Rings?

Back to the Rings

Anyway, going back the college students making a DVD copy of the tape. Wait a minute... If they make a DVD copy of it, will that defeat the evil purpose the tape has in deforming and killing it's victims? A little plot hole... but maybe converting the tape to a DVD will actually make it worse? Meaning that once it is unleashed in the modern usage of today's entertainment, it will spread like wildfire!

Once the DVD is out, then it will move to digital and be uploaded to YouTube! Everybody watches YouTube! It will then turn into a video chain letter. You have to share the video on every form of social media or you'll die in seven days!

Now that would be a cool take on the synopsis! I'd pay good money to see the movie pan out that way!

What do you think? Are you ready for Rings this year? What do you want to see happen in this new sequel? Let me know in the comments below!

Step away from the screen!
Step away from the screen!

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