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Continuing from original Part 1 of my [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer breakdown...

8. Tony Is Not having It

Tony: I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you.

This is heard in voiceover, and it expresses Tony's falling opinion of Steve. Stark is basically done with everything that Cap has to offer. Now, he will become even more adamant in his beliefs for the SRA, and nothing will change his mind.

9. Black Widow vs Black Ops Soldiers

After Stark's little audio snippet, we are shown soldiers getting out of a van. The soldiers' affiliations are never stated in the trailer, so they might actually have loyalties with the SRA. This would make sense why they are going after Black Widow as Natasha is easily able to change sides during conflict. Irregardless of affiliation, Black Widow immediately begins to take out two of them. We are also graced with Tony warning Black Widow that "they" are coming for her.

Black Widow also provides the same courtesy.

Natasha: I'm not the one that needs to watch their back.

Why she is being chase we don't know, but it may have something to do with her previously warning Cap. This was seen in the previous trailer before the latest one.

Her look is also very casual. Perhaps Black Widow will betray Tony for Captain America's side?

10. Captain America and Winter Soldier vs Iron Man

Cap: This doesn't have to end in a fight, Tony.

Cap says this to Stark. Stark responds by smacking him across the room they're in. This is a simple buildup to the fight that will involve Bucky, Steve, and Tony. However, I would like to draw attention to what appears to be a container in the middle of the room. Inside is the shape of what appears to be a person. They are hooked up to something (possible superhuman power source?). Also, the place they are in may or may not be the possible 'Raft'. After smacking Steve, Stark turns his attention to Winter Soldier and slides his mask down.

Stark: You just started a war!

This quote itself is a reference to the film's title, and the situation the characters are currently in.

11. Update On Black Panther

Then, clips are shown of Iron Man sending his "shoulder missiles" into a building that Cap appears to be in as he is seen attempting to avoid the blasts. However, what is really important is the next image showing Black Panther and Bucky fighting on a roof top. This is probably occurring before the motorcycle chase because Bucky has another jacket on. This might suggest his layer got damaged, Black Panther's claws, and he then decided to flee on motorcycle with Cap, Panther, and Stark in pursuit.

The really interesting thing about this scene however, is Black Panther when he turns to face a helicopter that has opened fire on him. As you can see in the picture, the bullets ricochet off him. This is a reference to the fact that Black Panther aka T'Challa is from Wakanda, the source of all Vibranium on the planet. Vibranium, as we know, is the material Cap's shield is made out of. It absorbs any vibrations forced against it, essentially making it bulletproof. T'Challa's suit is probably entirely made of Vibranium, which is why the bullets "bounced". It's the little things like this that make me happy about the film.

12. Why Are They In Germany?

In the trailer, Black Widow is seen standing on a roof of what is actually an airport. The abandoned parking lot below is covered in shipping containers, air planes, and trucks. One of which has German lettering on the outside. What reason could everyone have for being in Germany? Did the delegation event that was bombed occur there? Or perhaps another event will bring the team there.

Here is the same place from a different view. This appears to be the same lot in which Tony's team and Steve's team have their little face-off.

13. Scarlet Witch vs Vision

Just looking at this makes me sad. In the comics, Vision and Scarlet Witch form a connection and eventually share a romance. In this event, however, Vision is on Stark's side whilst Wanda is on Cap's, so I'm sure this scene will be played up for as many emotions as possible. The scene itself might take place early on, as they appear to be in the Avengers Institute in upstate New York. Perhaps Vision switched sides early, an Wanda is holding him down to provide Cap an escape?

I also really like the idea of testing Wanda's powers against the mind stone. In the comics, she has the ability to warp reality. It might be a wonder to see how she fares against an infinity gem powered being.

14. Hawkeye and Ant-Man Team-Up

First, we see Hawkeye about to fire an arrow. Yes, he is in the same parking lot/runway of the airport Black Widow was in.

The arrow splits into multiple points. One of which has Ant-Man standing, micro sized, on its arrowhead. He is flying towards a target in the air.

The target appears to be one of Iron Man's repulser gloves, which will no doubt give Scott access to Stark's armor. He will then probably dismantle it, causing Tony to crash.

15. Crossbones Makes His Debut

He is seen fighting Captain America very briefly. Although Crossbones is not a completely essential character, he may actually be the one to provide the conflict that starts everything. So, Crossbones might actually appear when the Delegates building explodes. Crossbones is also briefly seen behind the Black Ops Soldiers that were attacking Black Widow. Whether or not the storyline will follow the events of the comics or not is unclear, but below you'd find a spoiler on Crossbone's actual significance to the Civil War storyline.

He's the one who provides the fatal shot that kills Captain America after Rogers surrenders to Iron Man.

Side note: These soldiers are also the same ones who were seen attacking Black Widow earlier. This would suggest that they are actually Crossbones' men and not the SRA's, but it is also possible the SRA hired Crossbones to start a conflict that would ensure their goals. Also, Cap is seen fighting soldiers that have 'Police' on their arms and backs in a stairwell. They also appear to be the same Black Ops soldiers, so these guys might actually be government funded mercenaries like the ones used by HYDRA in Captain America 2 when those "cops" attacked Nick Fury in his car.

16. Cap Can Still Do This All Day

Iron Man gives a warning.

Captai America presses on.

This is, of course, a reference to the first film where Steve was fighting a punk in an ally pre-Project Rebirth. He later says it again to Red Skull.

It's basically his catch phrase. It also allows us a view into Steve's character. This quote lets us know that, deep down, the only reason Cap is doing this is because he thinks his cause is the right one.

Yeah, that pretty much concludes it...

Are those claw marks on Cap's shield. BlackPanther?
Are those claw marks on Cap's shield. BlackPanther?



17. "The Spider-Man Has Landed", I repeat, "The Spider-Man Has Landed."

Stark: Underoos!
Spiderman: Hey everyone.

Finally, our beloved arachnid has come to the MCU. I literally cried when I saw him in the trailer. Yes, he looks like he's been thoroughly enjoying a CGI cocktail, but he's still here. And imagine everyone else's reactions:

Do you know what Underoos are? They're a brand of children's underwear that are most notably decorated to resemble superheroes' costumes. Kinds include Superman, Batman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Captain America. So when Stark said, "Underoos!" as a way of calling the web-slinger, it's because Spidey's outfit looks remarkably like underwear, and what is he? Like 12 years old? I swear I didn't mean to be shady with that last statement, but it's true.

I hope this was an eye opening experience, for you and me, towards what we can expect to see in this film.

Cap: I'm sorry, Tony. You know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice, but he's my friend.
Stark: So was I.

If you would like to refresh with the trailer to look out for other hidden easter eggs, check out the trailer below.

How do you feel about Scarlet Witch vs Vision?

Are you looking forward to seeing Hawkeye and Ant-Man team-up?

Did you know what 'Underoos' were before seeing the trailer/reading this article?


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