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Pokken Tournament is close at hand, friends. Can you feel it? Though this title has been out in Japan since Summer 2015 on arcade (lucky bastards) the game is finally hitting the west in the form of a Wii U exclusive on March 18. Though we're not entirely sure how the Wii U version will differ from the arcade one, we have a fairly decent idea of how the game will play.

But before we arrive at the reviews stage of Pokken Tournament and everyone starts throwing their opinion around in order to draw our clicks, it's worth your while to simply bask in the glory of gamers handling one of the 8 Pokemon available in this game with extreme talent. Let's take a look shall we?

Pokken Tournament - Before Reviews Come Out, You Need To See These Matches

Pokken Tournament
Pokken Tournament

The video below will you take you to a site called (there's unfortunately no way of embedding it into the article). After you quickly sign up, you'll be able to bask in the glory of an insanely tense fight taking place in Japan.

This fighting game has real potential. With the basics of Tekken behind it and a few alterations upon its original design, we could see an excellent fighting game arrive for the Wii U this month.

After you've signed up for the first video, you'll be able to enjoy many more that the site has on offer. The one below is a particularly tense battle of wits.

Has anyone had the opportunity to engage with Pokken Tournament yet in arcade form? Any lucky Americans with an arcade near by? Or perhaps a fortuitous trip to Japan? Let us know in the comments!

This is a must watch. An absolute must watch. The next video is a compilation of the Pokemon World Championship Games for Pokken Tournament in 2015. Some of the fights are remarkably tense and with some informative and entertaining judging, you'll be able to learn tons of information regarding Pokken Tournament and how the characters handle.

A New Pokemon Tournament On The Horizon

Once the game arrives on the Wii U, you can actually start practicing for upcoming Pokken Tournament events in June and July. Here's the statement that was released just a few days ago:

Show off your Pokémon fighting skills in the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series! This new series features competitions across North America and Europe, in which players compete for invitations and Championships Points toward a trip to the Pokkén Tournament World Championships this August in San Francisco, California. A prize pool worth over $100,000 is in store for the winning competitors in the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series!

You can visit the website here! Are you excited for the release date of [Pokkén Tournament](tag:3755106) on Wii U? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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