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The streaming media giant has finally put a stop to users gaining access to content that had not been made available in their territory.

Netflix Inc.’s customers all over the world were gaining access to the service’s programs through virtual private networks (VPNs) and other privacy protection services. However, the streaming media giant has finally blocked customers from accessing the service via these privacy protection hacks.

The video streaming media giant’s content varies from country to country due to licensing deals that they have signed for TV shows and movies. With the help of VPN, the subscribers of the service trick Netflix’s servers in thinking they are accessing the website through a different location. The subscribers mostly do this so they can gain access to all the shows and movies that are not made available in their region.

However, after the streaming media company acted upon this, majority of the customers who were taking advantage of this were quite unhappy about this decision. More than 38,000 users have signed an online petition to bring about a change in the policy. Initially, Netflix stated that it will be blocking all such VPN access account in a number of territories except for UAE.

Additionally, users in the UAE when accessing their accounts are redirected to the UAE site which has the same content as the US and the UK. Many customers expressed their frustration on social media as many were concerned about not being able to watch the latest season of some of the top shows including House of Cards while some just had their accounts blocked who mentioned on social media that they will be not be returning back to the service.

Back in January the Vice President of Netflix, David Fullagar stated in a blog post that some members are using proxies and virtual private networks to gain access to title which are not available in their territory but as per the historic practice of licensing content, the TV shows and movies that are being offered by the service differ by geographic territories.

The blocking of proxies and VPNs started from Australia however it did not last for a long time as the Australian VPN company; uFlix worked a way around it. Despite the fact that Netflix failed to stop people from using VPNs in Australia, it was fairly successful in Europe. The subscribers in the European region including Germany, UK, Spain, Czech Republic and Belgium stated that this was the biggest proxy ban wave that has happened up till now. It has gotten serious as Netflix has stated it will block the subscriber’s access even if they are only using it for privacy purposes.


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