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The traditional superhero team is so OVERRATED. But audiences want a change, and in 2016 we're gonna get it. Suicide Squad hit theaters in August in 2016, and movie-goers are going to get DC comics' most infamous group of antiheroes are going to get the chance to save the day. This is another piece in a series of articles breaking down the members of the Task Force X and what role they'll play in the upcoming David Ayer directed SKWAD. The next member to be broken down is one of the most well-trained assassins in the DC Universe.

Name: Floyd Lawson

Alter-Ego: Deadshot


As a child, Floyd Lawson knew he wasn't his parent's favorite child, and it didn't bother him a bit either because he admired his older brother so much or because Floyd resented his parents for their abusive relationship. But one night he was forced into a situation no kid should experience, when his beloved big brother decided that he was going to murder their father for all of the pain and abuse he had inflicted on their mother. So in an attempt to keep his family together, Floyd decided that would shoot at his brother from a tree to disarm him and stop his attempted murder. But right before Floyd took the shot, he slipped which caused his shot to go right between his brother's eyes. Instead of stopping his brother from becoming a murder, Floyd brought shame upon his family and became a murder himself, while also saving the father he resented. In the aftermath of the destruction of his family, Lawson then studied and trained to become one of the world's most fearsome assassins.


  • An Accomplished Marksman: Deadshot's M.O. for all of his crimes is his accuracy and his record of never missing a shot. He is by far one of DC Comics' most distinguished mercenaries because of his main focus for a job, and his efficiency with killing targets while using the least amount of bullets.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combatant: When Lawson was training to become an assassin, he was mentored by David Cain, a globally recognized assassin who famously also trained Bruce Wayne in his deadly ways. Deadshot is just as equally equipped as the Dark Knight without all of those pesky morals.
  • Weapons Expert: Deadshot is proficient in almost every weapon imaginable, but has a preference for anything with gunpowder. He can use handguns, grenades, and sniper rifles, but is known for his duel-wrist mounted guns. They offer him a faster refire period, and can penetrate any shield or armor.


  • An Assassin's Deathwish: Even though he would never consider committing traditional suicide, Deadshot's greatest wish is to die. But it can't be in a simple pedestrian way, but in an elaborate way, worthy of everything he has done in his life. If Deadshot is placed in a circumstance that would result in a fantastic and awe-inspiring death, he would rather die than continue to assist his team save the world.

Anti-heroes are the new heroes! After the heroes fail to save the day, then it's going to be up to the villains and wrong-doers to stop the world from plunging to the chaos. And if this group of anti-heroes can't stop evil, no one can.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016


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