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I've been loving and making films since I was 7! My first film was, "How to Make Toast." Yeah it won 11 Academy Awards that year so I'm kind
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Forget about theme parks and rollercoasters cuz this movie is a god damn thrill ride!!

10 Cloverfield Lane directed by Dan Trachtenberg tells the tale of Michelle who gets into a car crash and wakes up in a bomb shelter to find herself saved by John Goodman who tells her sorta ended.


I got freakin' into this movie. I mean I feel like I just went to the gym because my abs physical hurt. There are so many twists and turns at one point I thought my hands were glued to my face.

Because I did this so many times *hands on face* and then they just stayed there. It became my resting position to be in shock.

And I feel like that's a sign of a good movie because my disbelief was absolutely suspended in this tiny world with 3 characters. 3! How cool is that!?

Man I really enjoyed this movie...

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