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Back in the late '90s there was a crossover event between Marvel comics and DC comics called 'DC vs. Marvel.' During which, all the characters from both universes were combined. For instance Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw, Superboy and Spider-Man became Spider-Boy, and Captain America and Superman became Super-Soldier.

All of these are great, in fact, some of them may have even made it onto the following list of the greatest crossover superheroes. Take a look and see who makes the cut! However, until then, here is my list of top 10 Amalgam-verse superheroes.

1. Lobo the Duck

When one is making a list of Amalgam-verse heroes, one does not simply leave out Lobo the Duck. He's wacky, cigar-smoking, and insane. He takes all the things we know and love about Howard the Duck and Lobo the Bounty Hunter and multiplies it by 100.

2. Captain Marvel

This is the greatest thing to have ever existed since sliced bread (maybe ever). Here, we have Captain Marvel of the Marvel Universe. There, you have Captain Marvel of the DC Universe. What do you get? You guessed it. Captain Marvel of the Amalgam Universe. He's strong, fast, wields a blaster rifle, etc. He's basically Han Solo with an expansion pack.

3. Amazon/Wonder Woman

This just seems too perfect. Take two princesses together and you'll get a queen. Although, I'm not sure if wearing all that metal plating is good when conducting lightning. Farewell, Queen Amazon.

4. Hyena

First Ingredient: crazy. Second ingredient: more crazy. Third ingredient: extra crazy with a side of healing factor. Well, when you mix Batman and Wolverine together, you're gonna have to mix Joker and Sabertooth together as well (and Harley Quinn too). The result however, is a hairy, gun-wielding maniac named Hyena. The guys who wrote this character sure had a sense of humor, didn't they?

5. Green Skull

I don't know why, but this just creeps me out when I look at it. It's like you have a creepy uncle who happens to be an aging Martian Manhunter. Instead, it's actually Lex Luthor and Red Skull with extra wrinkles.

6. Sparrow

I really like this idea. You take two characters that Wolverine and Batman are fond of and combine them. In this case, the unlikely duo happen to be Jubilation Lee and Carrie Kelley.

7. Bizarnage

This monstrosity was what we had to deal with before Anti-Venom was introduced. It's not actually Anti-Venom though, in case you were thinking that. No, this comes from the demented combination of Carnage and Bizarro. Don't you just love it to bits? Unlike one of its murdering parents, Bizarnage is a bit goofier than usual.

8. Uatu the Guardian

Chuckles can be heard. I mean, really?! You take Uatu the Watcher, an all-knowing character and an Elder of the Universe, and the Guardians, the creators of the Green Lantern Corps, to get an even more God-complexed being.

9. Iron Lantern

This is probably my favorite on the list. It takes two unexpected characters that have slight similarities, Hal Jordan and Tony Stark, to get a badass, wrong color-schemed space warrior. Yeah, where could we go wrong? That was not ironic, by the way.

10. White Witch

This one, in my opinion, has the best name. It reminds me of the The Chronicles of Narnia book series by C. S. Lewis. Scarlet Witch, a reality bender, and Zatanna, a latin-speaking sorceress, combine to make White Witch. I'm assuming that this character possesses the power to change the universe at will. This combination is still probably the most unique, despite the fact, that she looks like Cruella De Vil in spandex.

Yes, you're probably wondering why I chose these specific characters. You're probably thinking, "These aren't the best. There are cooler characters out there." You're right, there are, but I chose these specific characters because people don't usually talk about them, their underrated, or maybe I really like the combination of the original two characters. I like these guys. I think they're awesome. I would also like to note that 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Amalgam Comics's publishing.

Below you'll find a video explaining the Amalgam Universe thanks to Comic Drake.

Which Amalgam Heroes are your favorite?

Did you know about the Amalgam Universe beforehand?


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