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All over the web, and in person, we try to determine what a true fan is. Well is there really only one way to be a true fan? I'm here to weigh in on the subject.


Many TV shows and movies start out as books and comic books. You, usually, get more information about characters and situations this way. Also, you get to really know the characters the way the author meant them to be. What if you aren't much of a reader though? Does this mean you don't love the characters, moments, and author any less than those who have read it? No, it just means reading isn't your thing.

TV Guru

Many books have been turned into television shows, like Game of Thrones. Maybe you don't have the patience to watch a TV show or you just hate the way the actors portray your favorite characters. It's possible you dislike the directors and the writers' way of going away from the books or when they leave out key parts. Does that mean you don't love the series as much as those who watch the TV version? No, you just prefer the books that came literally from the author's mind and isn't missing anything.

Movie Maniacs

When novels or comics are extremely popular, they get made into movies. Some of us, myself included, don't read comics but absolutely love the Avengers. Others may hate the movies but read the comics like it is gospel. Does one really out weigh the other in their love for Avengers? To me, no, as long as you both love it why does it matter which you do?

My point is that we can't truly define what a true fan is. What truly matters here is that we are all passionate about something. Whether you've read every marvel comic to date, binge watch your favorite show, or have Harry Potter movie marathons it doesn't matter. You are a true fan no matter how you do or show it.


How are you a true fan?


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