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Vitmor Steinfeld

This friday it was announced that the 71 year old actor, Michael Douglas' tongue cancer was back and that the cancer is in terminal state, giving him only 6 months to live.

His representant said he was cancer-free, but since then it has been reported that Michael has started updating his will, started selling his assets as soon as he left to his house in the Island of Bermuda, his favorite place, to “get his affairs in order”, and think about life.

“Michael’s eyes welled up with tears as he revisited the paradise where his ancestors presided."

Said Radar Online quoting an anonymous source

“He sadly gazed over his shoulder at the water, knowing he might never again see the place where he wants his ashes scattered.”

Michael Douglas was diagnosed with deadly stage 4 tongue cancer in 2010 and more or less a year later, Catherine Zeta-Jones, his 46 year old wife and actress, announced that he was cancer-free.

This source also said:

“He’s become more spiritual,”

“He realizes with all his success that family is everything and most important.“

People actually revealed that during the AARP's 15th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards in Beverly Hills, Michael said:

"I'm cancer-free and five years out. And that normally means that everything's over. Health becomes a priority."

Wich means that, or here he didn't know or he lied, or probably this is a lie.

What do you think? Is Michael Douglas sick again?


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