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Filming for [Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868) is set to begin soon in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Over the past few weeks, set designers have slowly transformed the streets of the city into an otherworldly environment, adorning the arches and doorways with neon lights and fancy decoration.

Ever since the crew started to release photos of the set, fans have been debating as to whether we'll be returning to a classic Star Wars location or not. Many are suggesting we could see the return of Naboo, the homeworld of Kylo Ren's grandmother.

As of yet, we've heard nothing official on the topic. However, judging by some other information about the movie that's been doing the rounds, I've managed to narrow it down to three possible planets. Of course, this is all speculation, so feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments below!

1. Lothal

As the main setting of Star Wars: Rebels, Lothal is already well established in the Star Wars lore. It's also the homeworld of two known Jedi, Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, the second of which would be the same age as Luke Skywalker.

The second season of Rebels has been dropping hints about the sequel trilogy all over the place, so it's only right that the movies send back some of the love. If the rumors are to be believed, Luke may refuse to train Rey and instead try and drop her on another Jedi Master in the form of Ezra. It's definitely a possibility, though so far chances look slim.

However, that's not to say it wouldn't make sense. Lothal is shown as a mild, grassy planet with several thriving cities that bear quite a resemblance to the transformed Dubrovnik. By appearing in a mainstream movie, it would really help tie the continuity together.

2. Naboo

As mentioned before, Naboo is the frontrunner when it comes to predictions. The planet appeared in all three prequel movies and was filmed predominantly in Italy, though that doesn't mean Dubrovnik can't pull it off. The city has the same regal style as Naboo and would provide a refreshing substitute to the heavy CGI of the prequel era.

As for fitting into the plot, there are several ways Naboo could be featured. As we've seen in the comics, Leia has visited Naboo on multiple occasions for various reasons. Who's to say we won't see a new Resistance base sprouting in the remains of a Gungan city? Perhaps we'll see the capital city of Theed as the new home of the senate following the destruction of the Hosnian system? Either way, it'd be great to return to Amidala's homeworld one more time.

Just skip the Gungans this time, though.

3. Corellia

Corellia is the homeworld of the quick firing smuggler himself, Han Solo. While it's always played a big role in the Expanded Universe, it's never appeared on screen other than in the occasional video game. As well as being a possible set up for the Han Solo anthology movie, I personally think this is the most likely location due to two main factors.

Firstly, Episode VIII is rumored to begin immediately where The Force Awakens left off, meaning very little time would have passed since the tragic loss of Han Solo. Surely then, it would make sense that Corellia would want to honor their most famous citizen.

The second reason backs up the first, as it's believed that Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams, will be appearing in Episode VIII and will be starring in scenes shot in Dubrovnik. Lando was one of Han's best friends before he joined the Rebellion and there's no chance he'd miss his funeral. It's not much to go on, but right now it's all we've got.

Regardless of where it's set, the area looks fantastic. The rounded doorways and classic droid access points are very reminiscent of the original Mos Eisley in A New Hope, and I for one can't wait to see it!

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theatres on December 15 2017. That's only 92 weeks!


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