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Sacha Baron Cohen is back at it again with his signature vulgar comedy in The Brothers Grimsby. Cohen's sixth comedy feature is filled with a whole bunch of action, laugh-out-loud comedy — and Daniel Radcliffe?

The Brothers Grimsby is about two orphaned brothers who were adopted out in childhood and grew up to live entirely divergent lives: One became an MI6 secret agent, while the other grew up to become a dimwitted soccer hooligan and father of 11. After 28 years of searching for his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), Nobby (Cohen) finally learns of his whereabouts. Only one problem: Sebastian is on a top-secret mission to prevent an assassination and Nobby is about to get caught smack-bang in the middle of it.

After Nobby blows Sebastian's cover — resulting in his failure to prevent the assassination — the two embark on a comedy-filled, action-packed adventure to prove Sebastian's innocence and stop a virus from spreading throughout the world. The virus's point of origin? A soccer championship. Nobby must be having the best time ever!

Ahead of my viewing of the movie, I knew I was in for a great surprise. Not because of the crazy action and highly inappropriate, unpredictable humor that's synonymous with Cohen's signature comedic style.

I was surprised because of the cast! The film had such a huge ensemble and surprising cameos that you never thought would even show up in a movie like this. (Honorable mention to martial artist/actor Scott Adkins. You can get me to watch ANYTHING with him in it.)

Case in point, the fact that Mark Strong, an actor known for such high-calibre work as The Imitation Game, joined the cast of this crude-humor movie to stick a firecracker up where the sun don't shine and hide with his on-screen brother in one of the most grotesque places in South Africa. (Not gonna lie, that scene had me dying of laughter. So wrong, yet so funny.)

Comedy-wise, I must say this is indeed one of Cohen's strongest films in quite some time. I was no fan of 2012's The Dictator, so I have to admit that when I first heard that he was coming out with another film, I was hoping for something along the lines of Borat or Brüno (Preferably the former rather than the latter).

The Brothers Grimsby did such a great job to incorporate cameos (including Donald Trump and Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe) and hark back to beloved moments in the spy genre, such as when Nobby tries to impersonate Sean Connery's take on James Bond in a bid to seduce the wrong woman. Or was it actually the right woman?

All in all, I have no complaints about this film. It was exactly what you would expect out of Sacha Baron Cohen, if not more. It makes your adrenaline pump, gets you crying with laughter, and even makes you feel emotionally bonded to the two brothers. Who knew this adventure would begin with one brother giving the other a huge wedgie? Ain't life grand!

The Brothers Grimsby is out now in a theater near you. For a great laugh, I definitely recommend you go check it out.


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