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Now I know that zombies and children generally don't have much to do with each other, but when you dive deep into the zombie apocalypse hit The Walking Dead it actually has a lot of similarities to parenthood! For example

You Will Not Believe Until You Experience It For Yourself

What I mean by that is when Rick wakes up in the hospital and goes outside, everything is a shock. When he finds out that society has crumbled and zombies now feed on the living he can't believe it, and after an experience with the undead he truly has to accept it.

New parents are told by friends, peers, or even family that having a child will make the entire world change. That they will have trouble sleeping for a long time and that there will be a lot of stresses between you and your beloved. Until you actually get the chance to be a parent and go through stresses and joys for yourself, you won't truly be able to understand it.

You Will Have To Understand Mindless Beings

There is nothing more adorable, silly, loud, and also stinky as your little baby is. You need to remember that their needs are fundamentally primal and they rely on instinct. They eat, drink, sleep, poop and cry. You will have to understand their language of crying and expressions.

Just as Rick and his group of survivors learn more about the zombies how they were created, how they destroy them, and their habits in order to survive. All new parents must get to know their babies patterns, habits and needs.

What You Look Like Doesn't Matter At This Point

In The Walking Dead you will notice that people in the show get dirty, bloody, smelly, sweaty and have ripped clothes. They only put on what they need to survive and get by day-to-day.

When it comes to parenthood, wear whatever feels good and helps to get through the day. Wearing the same outfit for 7 days now? That's fine because as long as you aren't going out you're probably going to get puke on it anyways. Though make sure you shower because that is your safe haven from all the nastiness. You know you remember that scene from season one where they are in the shower happy as hell!

Stick To Your Needs and Not Your Wants

Nobody on The Walking Dead is going tanning, doing their nails, dying their hair, or going out to do yoga with the friends. Everyone is doing what they need to do to survive. For example, Rick is farming in the prison and always patrolling the perimeter.

Likewise for a little while you're going to have to be in the same boat. Your full attention should be on your baby and why it's crying, or what needs it has that must be fulfilled. You have to patrol around, provide for, and nurture your child.

In conclusion

It's uncanny how many similarities there are between surviving the zombie apocalypse and being a parent. Keep these things in mind and learn to dive into deeper meanings! I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading! Ciao!


The Walking Dead and life lessons are cool together yeah?


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