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The other day, Marvel released a new trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The film has been eagerly awaited for several years now, after being confirmed as the third Captain America film. It was a huge comic-book hit, and fans are eager to see it transition to the big screen.

The new trailer was exciting and brought more information about the film. Furthermore, it also included a highly anticipated Spider-Man appearance, finally bringing one of Marvel's biggest heroes into the MCU. However, a lot of people had mixed opinions about the trailer, from good to bad.

One of the biggest issues, it seems, is that Spider-Man looks as though he was plucked straight out of a video game. Whether intentional, or an unfinished CGI, we don't know, but the suit seems to have none of the texture we've previously seen that makes it look realistic. People are saying that the producers should've waited to reveal Spider-Man, but fans had been asking for a glimpse of him for months now. It's a split decision, and a no-win situation it seems. Regardless, a lot of us are annoyed that he looks so bad.

People are also questioning how big a part Black Panther will play in the films. As a well-loved comic-book character, he was eagerly awaited on the big screen. Some people are angry that he's going to be in Civil War before his own film in 2018, while others are just glad that he's joining the MCU. He's in this trailer a fair bit, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he has a big part in the film. We all want to see him have a proper and fair introduction to the MCU, and we hope they reserved enough screen time for him to do just that.

One of the biggest questions from the trailer is: Is Rhodey aka War Machine dead? It seemed in the trailer that Bucky shot him in the chest with something strong enough to destroy his armour, and Tony seems really broken up about it. So is he dead? He could be. He wasn't made an especially important character in the films, and it seems unlikely that everyone will survive Civil War. This might well be his last on-screen appearance in the MCU.

This trailer shows that Marvel might be getting a lot darker with Civil War. Near the beginning, we see a first person camera view of the events of The Avengers, and it looks so much darker than the film did. We loved it, but The Avengers was a very family-friendly film, but since then Marvel's films have become more dark and realistic (such as the real-life mental issues in Iron Man 3). The new trailer seems to allude that this film will be much more gritty than previous films and will revolve around the morality issues with being a 'superhero'.

What did you think of the new Civil War trailer?


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