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When people think about anime we don't generally think how it can change us as a person, and we really tend not to give it a second thought, beyond just simple entertainment. The thing is that if you're like me, anime can truly shape some of your personality. Here's why...

1. Anime brings out your inner nerd

It doesn't matter who you are because no matter what, everyone has a little nerd in them. Anime helps bring that nerdiness out and going hand in hand with number 2, it helps you embrace it and accept yourself.

2. It helps you stand on your own and embrace who you are

The thing about a lot of anime is that the characters have to go through hardships and trials just like you have to in real life. Whether it's about how weird they are, facing a bully, how broke they are, or even a death in the family, most of the time they get through it and in turn that makes it that much easier for you as well.

3. It helps you become more resourceful

When you watch anime, the characters can be crazy clever and can actually turn what seems like an impossible battle or challenge into just a breeze. Whether they outwit the bad guys or come back in the nick of time, it will make you keep your mind open and make you believe that nothing is impossible.

4. It helps you understand different perspectives

It is more realistic to represent people as absurd, dramatic, pathetic, self absorbed, good humored, easily humiliated and contradictory. Characters are usually very much all of the above in anime, and generally you have to accept those characters because they are going to be a part of the show. When it comes to real life, you may similarly encounter people with a variety of different qualities and personalities. You don't have to agree with every perspective, but if you can at least accept them and tolerate them like the characters in the show then you're good!

5. It makes you get motivated with things you want to do

If you watch any adventure, sports, or even romance anime you will notice that they are all goal-orientated for the most part. For example, Eyeshield 21 is an American football anime set in Japan. The main character is kind of a scaredy cat, and is running from bullies all the time. One thing leads to another and eventually the main character gets dragged into football and secretly loves it. Every day is football and he is the most motivated character I have ever seen in an anime. The point is that watching a character go through something like that makes you in turn think about your life, and how you can make it change for the better.

6. It strengthens your resolve when you feel weak

A generic theme I see in a lot anime is the "never give up" attitude. What I love about anime is that you see the hero knocked down, shaken up, bruised, bleeding and near defeat, but they will never give up. It portrays the actual struggle to find the inner strength required to achieve your goals during times of weakness. I definitely relate to having to dig for my inner strength in times of personal weakness, and I think this is an important but neglected lesson in western shows. What is really heroic is to have been defeated but to aim for your goal even harder than before.

In Conclusion

Anime can truly change a person for the better in many ways, and people could truly learn a thing or two from people on these shows. Although not every anime incorporates these themes, a lot will truly make you think deeper about your life. Thanks for reading, and ciao!


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