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We all have mixed reviews about how season 1 of Fuller House turned out. I myself thought it was pretty dang garbage, and will share with you the most WTF moments of the new show.

1. The Opening To the Show Itself

Okay yes, it does lay the nostalgia on thick, but it's so terrible yet so great that it had to make this list.

2. Breaking the 4th Wall For Too Long

Unfortunately I could not find a full clip to put on here so this will have to do! Michelle's absence is explained by the fact that she's "running her fashion empire in New York" and after that scene everyone gives an awkward stare at the camera for at least 30 seconds, which just makes it really weird and strange for everyone.

3. Danny Doesn't Take Advantage of San Francisco's Bonkers Real Estate Market

That freaking house could sell for up to $3-5 million and Danny just gives it up to DJ without even thinking about it. Uncle Jesse even tried to help him realize this, but Danny was always the one with the heart of gold..

4. The Pre-teen Masturbation Joke

Did it make me laugh? Yes because I have a weird sense of humor, but at the same time I was like "did that really just happen?"

5. Skunks and Tomato Baths

What even is going on in this show. I believe I started losing brain cells watching it.

In conclusion

There are a lot more moments like this in the show, and if you really want to go through the pain of watching it, then go for it! I myself just wanted to highlight these 5 strange parts in the show. Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think! Ciao!


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