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First of all, who is Tom Holland? This kid from London came out of nowhere and suddenly he was plastered on the front page of all your movie news sources. Most of us, if at all, know him from The Impossible. That one disaster drama starring Obi-Wan Kenobi right? Maybe you're even one of the few people who actually saw In the Heart of the Sea. This young actor has landed a huge role and has to fill some pretty big shoes. Spider-Man fans have been itching for a worthy adaptation since Spider-Man 2 starring the one and only Tobey Maguire. But a lot of us are asking if this rising star has what it takes. I personally think he does.

Even though most of us haven't seen how talented he is I can assure you the talent is there. From his role as Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London and his performance in Wolf Hall there's no doubt if this incarnation of Spider-Man were to fail it wouldn't be because of a lack of talent. But talent isn't all that's needed for a successful franchise. Andrew Garfield has talent which is seen in his newest film 99 Homes. If we can take anything good from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 it's his performance and the apparent chemistry he and Emma Stone shared throughout the film.

So what went wrong? Most likely the meddling fingers of the studio. Sometimes the studio just doesn't have faith in the people they themselves hired. We saw it with Josh Trank's Fantastic Four which could have been a stunning blend of the horror and superhero genres but instead became a two hour nap not worthy of it's title. So what's different about this Spider-Man? Sony is still attached right? What's to stop them from disappointing fans this time around? There's one person who makes me think this could be the best Spider-Man yet and that person is Kevin Feige.

The Sony/Marvel deal was quite vague but one thing we can definitely take away is that Sony realizes the genius behind the president of Marvel Studios and why the universe he's put his sweat and tears into is so successful. They would be daft if they didn't listen to him and take his input to heart. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has flourished under his umbrella because he knows what the fans want and he knows that over everything the most important thing is the story-telling. After all that's what makes a film good, bad, or great. One of the biggest fears in the seemingly never ending superhero genre is that the films will get bland. That they'll run out of stories to tell and we'll end up seeing the same thing over and over. But Kevin Feige has an eye for creativity as we've seen with Jon Favreau, Peyton Reed, Joss Wedon, James Gunn, and The Russo Brothers. They know how to tell stories. Did you see Guardians of the Galaxy? Stories that make their particular film different from the rest. Their films stand out making the MCU a diverse accumulation of films and making the audience want more. One of Kevin Feige's most recent decisions was helping Sony decide on the director of the next Spider-Man film and that would be Jon Watts. Who? Jon Watts. You don't know Jon Watts?

That's okay. Those of you who aren't nerds probably don't. He directed a little movie called Cop Car but that's an incredibly different film. Kevin Feige decided to take an indie director and throw him into a franchise like this? Does he know what's on the line here? What was he thinking? The answer is yes he does know what's on the line. He knows what kind of movie Spider-Man and his fans deserve. I think the reason he chose Jon Watts was because even though Cop Car is a different film it's definitely creative due to the significant story-telling Jon Watts obviously excels in. So this new iteration has talent, creativity, and people behind it who care about the property and it's fans. So yeah, I think this time around we're not going to just see a great Spider-Man but the best we've ever seen. He sure does look cool. But that's just my opinion. What do you think? Will the new Spider-Man be the best ever? James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, sure thinks so. Also, why aren't more people talking about how cool Black Panther was in that trailer?

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