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Through my journey of South East Asian Cinema, and East Asian Cinema, I have had my eyes opened to a multitude of cultures, and ways of life. It has been as entertaining as it has been a learning experience, which is the goal of film to show how people in different cultures live (obviously fights like the fights in these films aren't daily occurrences). One film I was exposed to was Keanu Reeve's directorial debut Man Of Tai Chi, and shit, I gained so much respect for Keanu. I decided to delve further into his current film work, as I have not been up to date with his work. I see him listed in an action film John Wick. I watch the trailer. My life changed.

This is hands down the MOST badass movie I have ever seen, and with the leak of some behind the scenes training for John Wick: Chapter 2 I think we're in for an even bigger treat!

John Wick showcases a side of Keanu Reeves that I have never seen before. The film immediately hits you in the emotions, making you feel for our tragic protagonist. We find out that he has just lost his wife, who posthumously sends him a puppy to help him cope. Through fortuitous events he loses the dog, and goes absolutely berserk. Wick goes through a roaring rampage of revenge to get justice for his late puppy.

With a mixture of a variation of jujitsu and Krav Maga, Keanu kicks ass of anyone who gets in his way.

Two guest stars stick out in this film: John Leguizamo and Willem Dafoe. Leguizamo runs a chop shop, and is an old friend of Wick. He instructs Wick on who has his stolen car. Now Dafoe has an even greater role as an antagonist AND a protagonist. He actively fights towards the death of John Wick, but soon has a change of heart for a certain reason.

The scene that stands out most in my mind is a scene that takes place in a night club/spa/nude bar type of place. I'm not sure where this kind of bar is, but I'd love to go there! Keanu sneaks past WWE superstar Kevin Nash, who just so happened to play a Russian in The Puisher, to make it into this nightclub. And the clip speaks for itself:

The choreography, the lighting, the sound, the editing, the violence, everything in this clip is perfection. And Keanu shot this film while ill with a 104 degree fever...and I can barely get up at nine am to go to the gym. Keanu spent four grueling summer months training for this film, so you know he is truly dedicated to the task of creating an incredible movie.


Do you think Keanu Reeves is badass?


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