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I thought it would be interesting to talk about who would win some 1:1 battles between team Stark and Team Cap. I tried to pair off those who may face off in the movie and also some interesting fights. I am also looking for feedback and votes so that I can do a follow up between those most people think will win each fight and then take it one more round to crown an ultimate Civil War champion. So without further ado lets start off with a match up between to close allies.

Hawkeye vs Black Widow:

To me this is the most evenly matched up pair in the movie. We've seen this fight before in The Avengers but not taken to it's fullest extent. I think if we had a true fight between these two it would be an epic fight. The potential for an emotionally torn war between two people who always put duty before their own self interest would be the stuff of legends. At the heart both are trained assassins who will and have done anything it takes in service of doing what is right. So this will come down to ability and again it's hard to find a hole in either character's game. There is only one thing that I think will decide this fight and that is Hawkeye's family. When it comes down to it I think in a knock down drag out winner take all fight between two evenly matched opponents I take the one who has the most to lose and that is clearly Hawkeye. I also think the one thing that would give Black widow a seconds pause would be the effects on Hakeye's family.

Winner: Hawkeye

Falcon vs War Machine:

Given that Iron Man will be going up against Cap this is a battle between fliers. Both of these soldiers have similar personalities and experience. What separates them is the added strength and fire power that the war machine armor has. While Falcon has some added speed it is still a man with wings while War Machine is a full suite capable of a lot more than just flight.

Winner: War Machine

Scarlet Witch vs Vision:

On the service this may seem like an absolute miss match. Vision is arguably the most powerful character in the movie. He has the advantage in speed, strength, agility, flight, etc... What he doesn't have is Scarlet Witches powers. Her hex powers give her an advantage over Vision and leads to the biggest upset in the field. As we have seen in the comics Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful mutants in the comics universe. Not even she knows how powerful she actually is. She is team Cap's secret weapon and I think wins this match up.

Winner: Scarlet Witch

Winter Soldier vs Black Panther

If Black Widow vs Hawkeye is the most even match up this is far and away the most brutal. These are two warriors going head to head. The fight between Winter Soldier and Cap in Cap 2 was epic and I have to say if Winter Soldier fights Panther in the movie we have a new best fight ever. Strength, agility, training, everything is equal in this fight and by far the hardest battle to pick. I am going to say one thing helps me pick a winner in this one and that's the fact Bucky isn't 100%. From what we have seen in the trailers, Bucky has been on the run for a while. That takes a physical and mental tole on someone, even a trained assassin. This gives Panther a slight advantage but this needs to happen and will be epic.

Winner: Black Panther

Ant-man vs Spider-man:

Battle of the insects! This one is pure entertainment value and will be fun and really showoff each others powers. I think this is a great way to use two characters who aren't soldiers but still fighters in this war. They are also both funny and bring the fun to the movie. If we are talking just about a fight I think it is simple that Spidey will win this but that doesn't change the fact that it will be loads of fun to watch and well worth the price of admission.

Winner: Spider-man

Captain America vs Iron Man:

This is the main event of the movie. Two friends and allies facing off on what both think is the right side. Iron Man is stronger and faster, Cap has the training and the heart. This is going to be a knock down drag out fight and is the basis for the movie. I think who you pick to win comes down to who you think is right. Should heroes be registered and monitored because they pose a threat or should they have the freedom to live in secret? I personally side with Cap in this issue even though RDJ's Iron Man is my favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think the fact he knows he is right and will not stop until he wins gives me my reason for choosing Cap. ( I know cap surrenders in the comic by the way)

Winner : Captain America

So this is my opinion, whats yours? Let me know who you think will win and why in the comments and vote in the polls so we can go another round.


Hawkeye vs Widow


Falcon vs War Machine


Scarlet Witch vs Vision


Winter Soldier vs Black Panther


Ant-man vs Spider-man


Captain America vs Iron Man


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