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With only a few months to go until the release of one of Marvel Studios’ most anticipated movies to date and with the second trailer dropping the other day, let’s look at what we already know about the upcoming Superhero blockbuster.

What Caused the War?

Following the destruction of New York (Avengers Assemble), Washington (Captain America: Winter Solider), Sokovia (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and a range of other cities across the globe as a result of superhero interference, there is great pressure to control these ‘enhanced individuals’, which is evident if you have seen ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this season. The way this is proposed is through the Sokovia Accords, which are a set of international legal documents that provide military deployment of these ‘enhanced individuals’ and ends the unlimited power the heroes currently have, which would bring them under a system with repercussions and people to answer to. Captain America sees the accords as the wrong way forward for himself and other ‘enhanced’, while Tony Stark is onboard with the accords as he believes in any method to provide limitations to the team. The trailers imply that this spat of differences spirals out of control when the Captain locates the Winter Soldier, who had been brainwashed into working for Hydra since WW2, Tony wants to bring him in for justice and Steve wants to protect his childhood friend. From here the real conflict begins.

The Sokovia Accords
The Sokovia Accords

What are the Teams?

From the posters and trailers circulating the web, the teams are currently, Team Cap: Winter Solider (Bucky Barnes), Falcon, Ant-man, Scarlett Witch and Hawkeye and Team Iron Man: War Machine (Colonel Rhodes), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Black Panther and The Vision. The teams seem stacked slightly unfair, with Cap boasting 5 members to Iron Man’s 4, but I think we will be too busy knowing when to cheer and cry to worry about numbers when the movie comes out.

Team Cap
Team Cap
Team Iron Man
Team Iron Man

What is going on with Spider-Man?

He has broken the internet with two words “hey everyone” and what words they are. Prior to his 2017 (yes that really is next year) first Marvel Studios-Sony crossover Spider-Man series, the web slinger was confirmed to feature during Civil War. His inclusion in the recent trailer had caught many off guard, with many noticing that the airfield confrontation between the teams will likely come in the final third of the film, meaning we may not see a battle ready Spider-Man until then. The Russo brothers had previously declared that we would see Spidey in a low-key costume, meaning the rebooted Peter Parker must have found himself a tech savvy billionaire to update his costume to that of the trailer. I wonder who he turned to. Personally I hope it’s the Donald, but the smart money is on Tony Stark, which has led many on social media to speculate Spidey will be team Iron Man, but I think that as the movie will polarize opinions of the Avengers, it will be important to keep Spider-Man almost as a third party observer, as he needs to be largely unscathed going into his own film.

Who is Martin Freeman playing?

Martin Freeman has revealed he will be playing Everett Ross, an American diplomat who works with Black Panther. Freeman also stated that Ross, who has no connection to General Ross (the shouty man from Hulk that does all the walking in the trailer), is neither good nor bad and will be a “grey character”. This will likely mean Ross will play off each team to some degree, but don’t expect masses of screen time as his feature is likely to also be a set-up for the solo Black Panther film in 2018.

Will anyone die?

If you have read comic book Civil War you know the massive fatality from the internal Avenger conflict, but while the movie adaptation is expected to be largely different it cannot escape the reality of consequences. With Avengers Infinity War approaching in two years time it made sense to break the team up before bringing them together again to conquer a greater foe than themselves, but with the Guardians of the Galaxy practically being confirmed to feature in the two part Avengers cinematic, alongside the possibility of Marvel TV stars such as Daredevil joining, screen time per character will be in short supply. What better way than to get round this than to kill off a crucial hero or leave them in such a beaten mental condition they walk away from the Avengers altogether. Expect tears.


Who will come out on top in Civil War?


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