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Well Its been 4 months already! The next Marvel/Netflix collaboration has just hit the market. This is Marvel's Daredevil Season 2. What do we know of this season: the 2 villains will be hardened vigilante Frank Castle/The Punisher and Matt Murdock's assassin ex-girlfriend Elektra. Will Bullseye make an appearance? If so, then it will most likely be a very small role that would lead to a third season. Also it was introduced that the ninja clan known as The Hand would be appearing as well. The story will probably start with Daredevil dealing with the collateral killer known as Punisher before being approached by Elektra that The Hand have now taken over the New York Underworld. Along the way, we see Castle start to understand Murdock's way of justice, while we see Elektra's true allegiance revealed. I believe the finale will involve Daredevil and Punisher teaming up one time to take down Elektra and The Hand. As this being a Marvel show, there maybe small little easter eggs referring to the Larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the comic book history of Daredevil, or even a tease towards an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. I did one of these 4 months ago when Jessica Jones was released; and I think I got most of them. So let's see how many I can get for Daredevil 2! (If I miss any, let me know below)

Episode 1: "Bang"

Dogs of Hell: Murdock overhears a conversation involving the motorcycle gang known as the Dogs of Hell. This same biker gang appear in the 15th episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 1, titled "Yes Man".

Episode 3: "New York's Finest"

Welcome Back Frank: Not really an easter egg, but the scene with Punisher having Daredevil chained up to a pole (or in this case a chimney), is in direct reference to a conversation between the two in Comic Issue The Punisher#3 (2000): where Castle tapes a gun to Matt's hand and tells him the only way to stop me is to shoot me.

Ghost Rider references?: I'm not sure if this was a hidden tease or I'm just making stuff up. But When Daredevil is fighting Castle and the Dogs of Hell motorcycle gang, he obtains a chain that he uses as a pretty impressive weapon. A long chain and a motorcycle happen to some key elements pertaining to fellow Marvel Knight: Ghost Rider.

Episode 4: "Penny and Dime"

Uncle Finn: Right at the beginning of the fourth episode we meet a retired irish mobster known only as Finn. This is confirmed to most definitely be Finn Cooley: a former IRA soldier and terrorist who became a small-time adversary of The Punisher. The comic book version has him with a gruesomely disfigured face, but it appears this one does not. He is portrayed by Scottish actor Tony Curran (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Underworld: Evolution).

Episode 5: "Kinbaku"

Roxxon Oil: Like in Agent Carter, the Roxxon Oil company is mentioned by Elektra.

Newspaper headings: Like in the first season, there are several news headings about the Battle of New York posted on the wall, as well as the heading of the Hulk-Abomination fight in Harlem. This time there is also one about Cybertek industries; which is the HYDRA-based headquarters of John Garrett (The Clairvoyent) and the Deathlok program.

Jessica: Jessica Jones gets a name-drop by Foggy Nelson's on-and-off lawyer girlfriend Marcie Stahl. She states that District Attorney Katrina Reyes is pushing on Castle's conviction to win the upcoming mayoral race, and by doing so, start putting a cap on all other vigilantes. She states that Jessica Jones is under scrutiny from Reyes because of her recent antics. Reyes actually appeared in the finale of Jessica Jones Season 1 trying to arrest her for "spoiler" snapping Kilgrave's neck.

Episode 10: "The Man in the Box"

Frenchie?: Not sure about this one, but when Elektra is about to leave on a jet New York, she meets a Frenchman at a bar named Jacques Duchamps. There is a character in the comics named Jean-Paul Duchamp (who is given the nickname Frenchie) who is a close associate of Moon Knight. I do not know if there is a connection but the last names can't be just a coincidence.

Comic writer nod: In the same scene as above, Elektra uses the alias of Louise Badeaux while introducing herself to Duchamps. The only reference I found is to a Brandon Badeaux, who is the penciler of a comic from 2002 called "Weapon X The Draft Volume 1 ". This is either nothing at all, or just a simple nod to one of their many comic artists.

Episode 12: "The Dark at the End of the Tunnel"

Punisher is Born: When Frank kills Col. Schoonover (played by Clancy Brown and revealed to be the Blacksmith), he finds a secret arms room. He finds a bulletproof vest in which the design of the padding is shaped like a skull. This vest would become his infamous Skull-chest.

Episode 13: "A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen"

Hogarth, Chao, Benowitz: Foggy gets a job offer from Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). Hogarth appeared as one the main characters in the first season of Jessica Jones and Moss is expected to reprise her role in the second season. There is also the possibility that she will have a guest role in the upcoming Iron Fist series because of Hogarth's connection to the Heroes for Hire.

Gladiator remarks: An earlier episode had Daredevil return to get Melvin Potter to fix his mask. He showed Murdock and bulletproof vest that resembled Gladiator's outfit. In this episode, we see he has posters of gladiator fights in his shop. We also see designs on his desk for what looks like his Gladiator suit.

Micro: At the very end when Punisher is ready to burn down his home, he finds a disc labeled "Micro", that would have the answers to what he did in Kandahar. This is a reference to Microchip, a computer programmer and assistant who helped supply Punisher with loads of weapons.

Well that's what I could find. I probably missed a bunch! I give the series 81%. The highlight of the beginning had to be that of Jon Bernthal's portrayal of The Punisher. He is the fourth actor to play a live-action version of the Marvel Comics character (after Dolph Lungren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson), and although I only seen two of three other portrayals, I can definitely say that Bernthal is the best one. Just like Season 1 episode 2, they had a one-shot fight scene between the devil and some bikers down some apartment stairs. The shooting was well-executed, but some might see it as just copying from the first season. One the big surprises of the season was that the conclusion of episode 8. Elektra was in fact not the villain of the series, but an anti-hero deciding her fate in the war between The Chaste and The Hand. It turns out there was a surprise villain for a few episodes: Kingpin! That's right! In a shocking twist, Vincent D'onofrio made an unannounced return to Daredevil as the crime lord Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. No one knew he was going to appear in this season and the showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez made a pretty good job of keeping it a secret. Even though the season had some highlights, of of three (including Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones season 1) I would place this one at the bottom. It didn't give us the same energy or thrill we received from its first season. Plus, where the first season dealt with only 1 main antagonist in Kingpin, season 2 scatters all over with 5 different villain stories: The Punisher's revenge, Who is the Blacksmith, Kingpin's metaphoric return to power, The mystery of The Hand, and Elektra's destiny. This felt to me like a lot of confusion with the story and was not as precise as the first season story-arc.

Will I think there will be a third season- Yes. There are so many stories they could do with Daredevil. I hope they have Bullseye as the season 3 enemy. And hopefully they will lead the story so they can make a series based on the Shadowland comic event.

Now we have confirmation; 6 1/2 months til Luke Cage. And right after Daredevil season 2 ended we got ourselves a little tease and the Logo for Luke Cage as seen below.

Sweet Christmas!
Sweet Christmas!

Iron Fist should be starting production very soon. While Defenders and Jessica Jones 2 are currently in development.


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