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Captain America: Civil War is promising to be a huge success with Marvel fans as the last trailer debuting Spider-Man caused an all out Geek Fest. The cast is saturated with an insane amount of talent and today I would like to cast a spotlight on one particular actor from this awesome cast, the great Sebastian Stan.

Sebastian who plays the tragic Bucky Barnes, known to the world as The Winter Soldier will be the X-Factor of Civil War, as we get to know the real Bucky, rather than the cold blooded assassin that we were first introduced to. We get to see the dark side of an individual that was ripped from his life, tortured, brainwashed, stored away in a cryogenic chamber for decades, and re-animated to send on a killing spree. Sebastian Stan will definitely leave us with a clear understanding of the mental and emotional trauma Bucky Barnes has had to endure once his memories have returned and the fog of the brainwashing effects begin to clear.

Sebastian Stan was born on Friday the 13th in Constanta, Romania and is a graduate of Rutgers University. He lived with his mother in Vienna, Austria for a short time until finally landing in Rockland County, New York. He began acting at a very early age while at Rockland Country Day School, where it would prepare him for his admission to Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts. Stan eventually returned to Europe for a year, studying acting at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, England.

The road to the Winter Soldier hasn’t been easy, but he has grown from baby faced actor to chiseled anti-hero. Let’s look at some of Sebastian’s past work onscreen and see his development over the years.

2006- The Covenant:Chase Collins

2007–10- Gossip Girl: Carter Baizen

2009- Kings: Jonathan "Jack" Benjamin

2010- Hot Tub Time Machine: Blaine

2012- Once Upon a Time :The Mad Hatter

2015- The Martian: Dr. Chris Beck

Sebastian Stan has come along way, and his portrayal as Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier promises to be something to remember when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters 5/6/2016!


Who do you think is going to die in CIVIL WAR?


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