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By this time we all have seen the new Captain America: Civil War trailer a hundred times, right? It is an awesome trailer that just gets me even more excited for the movie. And the crown jewel was definitely the shot of Spider-Man at the end.

I mean just look at him.

Hey Everyone!
Hey Everyone!

He looks cool. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the CGI isn't finished, but he has a good shot at being the best looking Spider-Man we have ever seen.

Too bad Marvel revealed him already.

I Get It

Marvel wants the world to know Spider-Man is in this movie. And though a lot of us knew he was in the movie, there are many people who just watch the trailers and just found out about him. It means more people will probably go see this movie. And it means they could start selling Spider-Man toys because they sell really well.

Like I said, I get why they revealed him. I just really wished they hadn't.

Just Imagine

You are sitting in the theater watching the movie for the first time. And Iron Man yells "Underoos". And you are confused. Then, Spider-Man shows up. And he looks great and he is awesome. How awesome would that have been?

But Marvel Took That From Us.

For the sake of marketing and a few toy sells, Marvel had to shows Spider-Man. Civil War will be a huge success. It would have been a huge success, whether Spider-Man was there or not. I don't even think he will have that big of a role. He was cast in the middle of the film shooting. He won't have a big role. He might be important, but it won't be a major role.

So, would it have been that bad to wait for the movie to reveal Spider-Man's complete look?

If they wanted people to know he is in the movie, they certainly could have mentioned him. They could have stopped the trailer right as Cap gets his shield stolen. The web would have given it away. Everyone would have understood that was Spider-Man.

Either Way, I Am Ready For This Movie

Spider-Man or no Spider-Man, this movie is going to be great and May can't get here soon enough.

What Do You Think Of Spider-Man? And Are You Ready For Civil War?


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