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The Name is Bossey. Dane Bossey.
Dane Bossey

I began collecting Funkos a little over a year ago, in February 2015. My little sister actually is the one who got me hooked. My mom bought her a Maleficent Funko and I admitted it was cool, but vowed that I would never own any myself. Now a year later I'm closing in on a hundred... Whoops!

It all began when my sister came in with her laptop showing me a Goku Fuko. I snatched the laptop from her hand and ordered it with a simple click! (Thank you Amazon Prime!) When it arrived I placed it on my shelf along with my many other trinkets. I was so sure that would be the only one. I would have my favorite character perched on my shelf forever, but any other Funkos would be ridiculous. The next day I was at Target and stumbled across a Star Lord Funko. I guess one more wouldn't hurt. But then a couple days later, at the Barnes and Noble, I spotted Jessie Pinkman in a hazmat suit. I had to have it! And there next to him was Rick Grimes! I purchased them both without a second thought. Then I bought a Deadpool and I was sure that was it. I remember posting this pic to Instagram with the caption "Slightly addicted to Funkos"... If I only knew!

It was the summer of 2015 and I was waiting anxiously along with everyone else for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Suddenly, there was an ad on the side of my computer with a Hulkbuster Funko! I joined Marvel Collector Corps and waited patiently for it to arrive. By that point everyone knew what to get me as a gift. If you were shopping for Dane, buy him a Funko pop! And what great inexpensive gifts they were! I keep every single one in the box and cherish them all! Although, I have to admit that the Hulkbuster might be my favorite!

Later that summer I was in Reno, Nevado on vacation. While at the airport waiting for my flight home I got a text from my mom saying Moviepilot sent me something in the mail. I told her to open it and send me a picture. A few minutes later I was sent a picture of a Dark Knight Funko pop. I'm sure it was just coincidence that Moviepilot sent me a Funko as a gift, but it still made me feel fantastic! To this day, I'm still not exactly sure what the gift was for, but to this day it is still one of my favorites! Thank you Moviepilot! Especially Julian, who has also been my mentor for the past six weeks!

I can't quite remember the first time I strolled into Hot Topic. It wasn't a store I typically went to for clothes and such, but for some reason I went in and I couldn't believe my eyes! There on the wall, were unlimited Funkos! I lost my mind! I honestly can't remember what I bought that first time (there have been so many now) but that is when I fell in love with exclusives. I saw little stickers on the bottom right that said Hot Topic exclusive and I began to stock up and now I search for them!

Fast forward to December 2015. Star Wars Episode VII was mere weeks away and again, there on the side of my computer was an ad: Smuggler's Bounty with an exclusive chrome Captain Phasma Funko! Again I signed up and waited. By that point I couldn't tell you how many Star Wars Funkos I had. It was at that point my little sister came into my room, stared at my shelf and said "I think you're addicted." I said "Yes, Funkos: my beautiful addiction!"

Fast forward to today and I'm still collecting. I still go to Hot Topic and search for exclusives, I still check Amazon for new releases, and people still get me them as gifts. And I still love them! It is a way for me to put all my favorite characters together seamlessly on my shelf and admire them. There's really only one problem... I need a bigger shelf!

Now I have a request! To keep me motivated in my never ending search for awesome Funkos, leave a picture of your collection in the comment section! I would love to see the awesome characters you have! My newest is Voltron below! Cheers!


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