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When Michael Colter was picked as Luke Cage, I was extremely skeptical about his ability to play one of my favorite comic book characters. He didn't look the part and I doubted his skills as an actor. After I watched Jessica Jones on Netflix last year, I was happy to say I was 100 percent wrong about Colter. He captured the very essence of Luke Cage and then some. Netflix had already announced that the Defenders were going to be their version of the Avengers, building up each character in their own solo shows before the eventual collaboration in the Defenders show. Netflix also already announced that Michael Colter would star as Luke Cage in his own show. During the red carpet for Season 2 of Daredevil, Colter announced that the Luke Cage series would make its debut September 30th.

At the end of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage left Jessica Jones's house after Claire Temple (Night Nurse) finished patching him up from his previous fight with Jessica while Cage was under Kilgrave's mind control. Why did Cage leave without saying goodbye? There are a couple of reasons that make sense.

Hopefully they will get back together again at some point [Marvel]
Hopefully they will get back together again at some point [Marvel]

The most obvious reason for him leaving was because he was still more than just a little pissed off at Jessica Jones for being directly responsible for the death of his wife. Even after knowing exactly what it's like being under Kilgrave's control, it's highly doubtful that Cage is going to be able to forgive and forget so easily. Even if he understands why and how it happened, it's still going to be hard to look at the person who physically killed his wife. So rather than stick around, he left.

Another reason could be that Cage was too embarrassed to face Jessica after what he'd just gone through. Luke judged Jessica for killing his wife, even though she was clearly being mind controlled by a psychopath. After feeling what it was like to be under Kilgrave's control, he may have felt horrible for the way they'd parted and just couldn't deal with her after everything that had happened.

Mike Colter [Collider]
Mike Colter [Collider]

Regardless of the reasoning, on September 30th, we are going to see exactly why he left that night and what he's been up to since. As a big fan of Luke Cage, sweet Christmas, I can't wait!

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