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DC superheroes on television are as legendary as television itself. Over the years we have seen some excellent interpretations of our favourite heroes, as well as some poor ones. But if you had to think about it for a second - real hard - and choose, which one is your favourite?

It's tougher than it sounds - trust me. We've had some legendary interpretations over the years - beginning with Adam West's unforgettable performance as Batman in the 1966-68 TV series. Growing up, I often caught re-runs of Batman - West was one of the people who first brought Batman to life for me. It annoys me when people joke about Adam West's portrayal, as we owe West a great deal. Rumour has it, Batman comics were nearing cancellation at the time, and the TV series made Batman hugely popular again. Without West, we may never have known about Batman. Then of course we have Lynda Carter's character defining performance as Wonder Woman in the classic TV series that ran from 1975-79. I remember being in awe of Carter's Wonder Woman, who became a pop culture icon. To this day, her version of Wonder Woman has not been bested.

Legends of DC: The original DC TV trinity
Legends of DC: The original DC TV trinity

Today, we live in a golden age of superheroes. What with Marvel and DC about to release huge blockbusters this year - the legacy continues and owes a lot to past interpretations. On TV today, we have been gifted with Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, all of which are killing it right now. In fact, the majority of current DC shows take place in the same universe. Arrow, starring Stephen Amell as the heroic archer, began back in 2012 and has been a critical and commercial success. Originally starting with Arrow, executive producer Greg Berlanti soon spawned The Flash which has been equally, if not more, successful than it's predecessor. Starring Glee's Grant Gustin, The Flash became one of the most successful series' in CW history, bringing in a record breaking number of viewers each week. Not long after, Berlanti gave us Supergirl which, although not technically in the same universe, will be crossing over with The Flash in the coming weeks. Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist (also of Glee fame) as the titular heroine. Arrow and Berlanti are the gifts that keep on giving and more recently we were given Legends of Tomorrow - a direct spin-off from the Arrowverse, featuring supporting characters and villains from both Arrow and The Flash. Outside of the Arrowverse, we have Gotham - exploring the origins of a young Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, as well as a selection of famous Batman villains. Starring Ben Mckenzie as Gordon and David Mazouz as Wayne, Gotham has attracted some success for certain portrayals of younger villains. Namely, Robin Lord Taylor's performance as a young Oswald Cobblepot and Cameron Monaghan's recurring appearances as Jerome (believed to be The Joker, or an early version of The Joker).

The Berlanti Trinity
The Berlanti Trinity

Of course we've had plenty more over the years, ranging from the unforgettable decade-long Smallville to the recent cult hit Constantine, that unfortunately was cancelled after only one short season.

Taking all this into account, I've compiled a poll of the most memorable TV DC interpretations. What do you think? Have your say and cast your vote now!


What's The Greatest TV DC Superhero Interpretation?


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