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*Article Updated 11/08/2016*

In an amazing turn of events, Warner Bros. Animation Has announced that Young Justice has been revived for Season 3! But the question is, will Netflix be the one to revive it? Read on to find out why the streaming service should be the one to do so!

First off, I'll just let you know that this article contains spoilers, so if you haven't seen 'Young Justice' yet, what are you waiting for? Go watch it!!! Then you can read this ;)

So recently, there have been rumors that might indeed be looking into reviving Young Justice for Season 3. Thus, fans have been eager to show the streaming service why that would be a good investment. Thinking logically, now would actually be a perfectly strategic time for Netflix to revive the series as they could capitalize off it's renewed popularity. That is the basis of this article. And yes, I know that I am probably not the first person to write an article about this because the fanbase of is something to be admired. Remind yourself of why:

I don't care how many people have written about this before, because it needs reinforced and it needs to be heard. I am sitting here fresh-off a binge-watch session of Young Justice and I have to say that it lived up to every single bit of the hype surrounding it.

In two seasons, it thrilled, amazed, shocked and moved me. Never before have I seen such authentic story-telling done in animation (and I've seen a lot of animation). The character development and mature narratives made for two incredible seasons. The only problem is... 2 isn't enough.

Young Justice Season 2 (or Invasion as it was subtitled) was added to Netflix recently and now is ready to be discovered by a whole new legion of fans. So like I said, if you haven't watched it yet... go watch it now and make Netflix aware of your desire to see it continue! And thus, I present you with reasons why NOW is the perfect time for Netflix to revive Young Justice!

Capitalize On Its Resurgence!

Young Justice's second season Invasion has only just been added to Netflix. And boy, what a warm reception it received. In fact, it has been received so well, rumors have begun to circulate that Netflix was indeed looking into reviving the series for a third season. But in order to do so, fans have been keen to show Netflix their love and devotion to the series. And they have been... in bucket loads.

Young Justice has consistently popped up on the "Trending Now" section of Netflix. Furthermore, the show's popularity has taken over various social media platforms with trending on Twitter on numerous occasions. Fans have taken to Netflix chat to inform the customer service team how much they love the series and how they desire a Season 3! That's some incredible devotion and Netflix could seriously capitalize on it! It's a win-win situation!

Popularity & Legacy

Reviving Young Justice shouldn't be considered a gamble. I have watched a lot of series's over the years (both live-action and animated) and I have never seen one live on its devoted fans like Young Justice has. It hasn't just become a cult show in its aftermath, as these fans aren't just happy to embrace it for the amazing show it was – they WANT MORE!

Lately, the show has seen a resurgence in its already wide appeal thanks to Netflix... and if social media is anything to go by, the popularity of the show continues to rise! There's no doubt that these fans would jump at the thought of a third season and its popularity is one of the main reasons why Netflix should definitely be seriously looking into reviving Young Justice!

The Second Season Was Set In 2016!

As the first season concluded on New Year's Eve of what we believe was 2010 and Season 2 was set "Five Years Later," that would have made Season 2 set in 2016. Thus, it would make perfect sense for Netflix to revive the series now and set it in the present day. Have it pick up a few months or a year after Season 2. It would make perfect sense!

It Was A Ratings Success!

Make no mistake about it: Young Justice was not cancelled due to low ratings. The show garnered the network double and triple digit gains in ratings versus the prior year. Furthermore, it averaged out at 1.9 million each Saturday, and its last ever episode was the top-rated show on Cartoon Network for the entire week! If Netflix were to revive the show, there's no doubt that all those viewers would return as well as the countless number of fans the show gained in its afterlife on platforms like Netflix!

Its criminally abrupt cancellation was down to Mattel pulling the funding as they were not selling enough figures. Thus, the show was cancelled. Now, if the show's existence was down to the success of a toy line, there's a simple solution this time around... fund the show like any other show is funded. There's no need to rely on toy sales for that.

DC And Netflix's Success In The 'Superhero Era'

With returning to the film game this year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, both poised to be two of the biggest films of the year — as well as their domination of the world with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham and Lucifer, now would be the perfect time for Netflix to add an exclusive DC property to their library.

A show with such a loyal and devoted fanbase like Young Justice would really win Netflix a lot of new subscribers in DC and superhero fans! Let's not forget Netflix's success when it comes to shows. The fans and subscribers they have obtained thanks to Marvel's Daredevil and Jessica Jones says more than any amount of words ever could. Thus, making a Netflix original out of an already incredibly popular series could be a wise and brilliant move for everyone involved!


Now before we conclude, let's take a look at some of the storyline reasons why we need a third season!

1. Apokolips

Season 2 ended on a lot of dark notes: one being the closing scene as the 'War World' approached Apokolips. Vandal Savage then met with Darkseid. This raised a lot of questions and was obviously building suspense for a third season storyline. The only problem is that we didn't get a third season... YET! Now with this great shocker as an anchor, there's no doubt that Netflix could resurrect the series and bring Young Justice back for an explosive, epic third season!

2. Wally's Fate

Was there ever any doubt? Of course this would be an important reason. Seeing what happened to Kid Flash crushed a lot of collective hearts around the world. As this is a metahuman-filled superhero show, we as fans have to believe that it can't be over for Wally. It just can't. And having this believe made Young Justice's premature ending sting even more. Our hope made us believe that Wally could still be alive but now we have to languish in uncertainty.

I know that M'gann and Connor (Miss. Martian and Superboy) were considered to be the "It" couple of Young Justice and they were great and made for a truly compelling arc. But it was Wally and Artemis that truly had my attention. Their consistent insults and great chemistry in Season 1 just made you root for them to get together. And their incredibly endearing love for each other in Season 2 made Wally's fate all the more crushing. After putting us and Artemis through multiple almost-deaths throughout Season 2, it was the ultimate blow to have Wally taken from her. And it was the ultimate blow to us to never find out if he's truly gone.

3. Nightwing's Leave Of Absence

As Young Justice went off the air, Nightwing announced his leave of absence from the team, citing grief from his best friend Wally's fate. Now, we have to see where the team can go without one of their main leaders. And we also want to know, what does Dick Grayson get up to in his spare time and more importantly, how does he or how will he cope with the fate of his best friend. These are questions that us loyal viewers need answered!

So if you're a fan of Young Justice and you really want to see this incredible series return of a third season, here is what the fans are currently doing to prove to Netflix that the show is still incredibly marketable.

  • BINGE-WATCH YOUNG JUSTICE ON NETFLIX!!!! - Show them how much you all love it!
  • Contact Netflix on their Customer Service chat and POLITELY let them know how much you loved Seasons 1 and 2 and POLITELY reinforce the show's popularity and how you would like to see a Revival!

  • Buy Season 1 and/or Season 2 on Blu-Ray/DVD from Official Retailers.
  • Buy the video game Young Justice: Legacy from Official Retailers.
  • Sign the "Revive Young Justice" petition here.
  • Tweet Using the
  • Sign the petition to Revive the Young Justice Comic here.


The series's popularity has never died but there's no denying that it has experienced a resurgence as of late, thanks to it's addition to Netflix's line-up. And if they really are considering reviving Young Justice for a third season, then it's up to the fans to show them that there is still a place for this incredible series.

Would YOU like to see 'Young Justice' return?


Should Netflix Revive Young Justice for a Third Season?


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