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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sarah Wayne Callies talked about her upcoming show The Colony, her past and possible future work on Prison Break.

But who cares about all that!

Just kidding, I kinda like Prison Break, and The Colony looks pretty sweet. But the most important thing she talked about was Richonne!


No, no, no. It wasn't awkward at all, Surprised Koala.

She totally approves of Rick & Michonne! She says Lori would want Rick to be happy, so Lori would be happy.

She goes into her thoughts on Richonne a little bit deeper:

Andy used to describe Rick like a shark: unable to sit still, always in motion. That was his explanation for constantly leaving his wife and son," Callies says. "In a non-apocalyptic world, you would say, 'Until you can sit in one place and be with the people you love and the people who love you, you're never going to be happy.' But the world is an apocalypse. I don't know much about Michonne's character, but it seems to me that she's a warrior. Maybe what Rick needs is the idea that he doesn't have to constantly run away from a family that needs him too much. Instead, he can trust somebody who is every bit as capable as he is. Maybe there's peace in that.

The full article is here.

Get ready! The last 4 episodes of TWD are upon us!


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