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Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Okay be quiet, I know I know…everyone’s heard them all 20 times :D

Don’t get me wrong; I’m perfectly happy accepting that zombies have taken over the world, and there’s less than 400,000 people populating the world.

But all the theories out there, telling us who’s gonna die, who’s gonna live, who’s actually still just in a coma, who’s really the bad guy, and who’s actually gay (okay, I’m not the biggest fan of those), they’re all great stuff to read.

One of the most interesting ones, that explains what's REALLY going on, that I’ve stumbled across starts here on In it, simply stated, Rick and Co. are actually group of crazed maniacs strolling along across the east coast, terrorizing cities, murdering, cannibalizing, and torching everyone in their path. And in their twisted little heads, everyone they kill is actually the monster, whether it be a walker or another living person.

Sound crazy? Still with me? Let’s roll through the seasons and test this theory out.

The biggest clue was the episode that we lost Tyreese in, when he heard the radio broadcast saying there had been deadly attacks along the coast, terrorizing villages, setting them on fire, attacking with machetes, etc.

Some people say that might just be Tyreese thinking back to something he heard on the radio as a child, and in his delirium, he was just reliving it. But the timing of it was suspicious. Here was Tyreese, slowly dying and quickly losing faith in his group, beginning to think that they were actually the monsters.

i know big's a wacky theory
i know big's a wacky theory

Think about that…especially with the events of the latest episode, with the gang slaughtering all those (supposedly) bad guys in their sleep? Sure, Gregory told them that they were bad, and he’s totally a standup guy, right?

But how did it all start?

I’m not even going to try to figure that all out. Maybe Rick got his group to drink the koolaid, and believe his story about getting shot in a shootout, and that he was in a coma for weeks, and finally made his way back to the group’s camp. After that, they started their rampage, and we’re now in our 6th season of their crazed, hallucinogenic induced murder spree.

They come across a farmhouse, where some of the family members put up a fight, but Rick & Co. were able to convince some of them to join their party. Beth & Maggie’s brother and their mother were two of the victims who resisted, and they paid the price.

From there, as the radio broadcaster stated, they found the prison and attacked it, successfully killing almost all the inmates inside.

The ones that survived didn’t last too long, with poor Axel being one of the last to perish.

They camped out in the prison as long as they could, then moved on with their spree to Woodbury, where they “targeted civilians” and eventually, completely burnt the small town to the ground.

They killed the governor, and in reality, Hershel started seeing the error of their ways. The koolaid was wearing off. So, they beheaded him, and convinced each other that the governor did it.

They knew they needed to keep moving, but an attack from the government forced them to flee sooner than planned. Lori perished at the prison, but who knows if Judith really was her and Rick’s baby. Could have belonged to someone in Woodbury, and the Grimes just decided they wanted a new family member. This would be where they mutilated young mothers. Mika and Lizzie? The young children referred to in the broadcast.

Let’s talk about cannibalism.

Terminus was never run by Mary; it was all Rick & Co. What it was before they arrived, who knows. It could have been a plant or factory of some kind, and the crew could have reached a new level of crazy, and ate everyone. Of course, not after leading them into railroad boxcars, bashing their heads in, slitting their throats, and marinating them, or whatever they did. Poor Bob…he became the Hershel of Terminus, and was eaten after he started to doubt Rick. They probably started with his leg, and worked their way...well...ick.

Alexandria, Hilltop, the outpost full of Neganites…all that follows the same story. But instead of everyone just falling in line with Rick and his group of crazies, they were all slaughtered if they didn’t take a sip of the crazy juice. And Glenn…oh Glenn. He was starting to maybe see just how crazy the group was, and was able, all this time, to not actually partake in the killing. But then he finally snapped when he had to stab Mr. Picture Taker and his bunkmate in their eyeballs.

All this time, the government, or Republic, is trying to stop them, unsuccessfully.

When Tyreese is dying, he sees and hears the truth, and all the group’s victims come back to haunt him. Lizzie, Mika, Beth, all of 'em. And he hears the broadcast on the radio, which is what’s really happening. Not the walkers.

Which brings another interesting point. The folks on the show have never heard of zombies, hence them not using that word for the undead, right? They use geek, walker, etc. What world would one live in where they’ve never heard of a zombie? I’d say a crazy, psychotic world made up by Rick Grimes. Everything else exists in their world that does in ours, so why wouldn't they have ever watched a zombie movie?

Also, maybe Rick found out Shane and Lori were messing around behind his back, he just snapped, and this whole mess began.

This theory is insane, I know. But there are dead people walking around biting everyone, so crazy is pretty much a part of The Walking Dead, right? You’ve got to wonder what kind of an ending Kirkman is going to want to throw at us someday, so to have this all just be some sick fantasy of a group of murderous depraved maniacs would be pretty surprising, wouldn’t it? Sure, he could end it with the cure being found, or all the dead people rotting away to the point where they can’t even walk, and the living taking the world back.

But with Kirkman’s creative mind, who KNOWS what he’s thinking of?


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