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As we gear up for the nerve-wracking end to The Walking Dead season 6, it is important to remember we won't have to wait long to fill the walker void in our lives. Season 2 of TWD's sister series, Fear the Walking Dead, will premiere the week after taking over AMC's time slot for their most popular show. FTWD might not compare in regards to the time line and intensity but the show definitely has potential. They have the ability to explore a time frame we were unable to explore with Rick and the original crew.

1. Let's Amp This Up

The first season started off strong, even breaking records for AMC, but each week it seemed to lose steam as many criticized the show for being too slow especially compared to its super popular counterpart. This season, showrunner Dave Erickson promises to amp things considering the group now understands what they are in for. Although still coming to terms with what has happened, the world they knew has fallen apart but at least they figured out how to take down a walker....finally.

2. Trouble at Sea

The second season begins exactly where the first season left off, making their way to Strand's yacht which happens to be their only way of escape. Being out to sea may seem like a good plan but they quickly realize a lot of other people have the same idea which may cause more of a risk when it involves desperate survivors low on supplies. There is also the question of where to go once they are out on the open ocean.

Can walkers swim or do they just dead man's float their way to the beach and continue on their journey from there? I guess we will find out!

3. Accepting Reality

Travis just shot and killed his ex-wife, at her request, because she was bitten. Expect this to affect him deeply seeing as though these situations are totally new to this set of characters. Travis and Madison have been thrown into situations that involve crucial sacrifices but Alicia, Nick, and Chris may still not completely understand.

As we saw in TWD, it can take a very long time for a character to transform into someone who can handle reality of the new world. Cliff Curtis who plays Travis recently described this season to Huffington Post as a "war zone" so I assume the kids will learn fast if they want to survive.

4. Character Backstories

We have been given character history on Travis, Madison, and their families and given that more back stories are expected for season two, I would enjoy getting to know Ofelia and Daniel Salazar a little better. Victor Strand is also such a mysterious character as many questioned his motives when he quickly became allies with Nick. There is also a few new characters that are set to be introduced including a character that is currently featured on the web series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 which showed an outbreak aboard a mid-air flight.

5. Will Nick Get New Clothes?

Probably the biggest question for season 2; will Nick ever get new clothes? He has been wearing the same clothes he stole from the old man in the hospital since early in the first season. I honestly don't think I can picture him in anything else!

The second season of Fear the Walking Dead premieres Sunday, April 10th at 9 p.m. on AMC!

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