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With tons of our old favorite television shows getting green lit to come back, many fans have been endlessly waiting for that one show they binge watch way too much to pop up on that list. Well, charmed ones, we finally got our wish. It has been confirmed! We are getting a Charmed reboot! It is something we never even knew we needed really, but now that it's here, we couldn't be more ecstatic!

Unfortunately, original cast member Alyssa Milano came to twitter to tell us that it isn't quite what fans are hoping for, and that none of the original cast will be involved. Of course, nobody is happy about this.

But what exactly happened to the original cast? Where did they go? What are they all up to, and which of the original characters even free enough to start a reboot? Let's take a look at the Charmed cast, and where they are now.

Alyssa Milano- Phoebe Halliwell

Alyssa Milano played Phoebe, one of the sisters in our beloved show. Since Charmed, she has been married with two children, the host and judge for Project Runway, and has very recently joined CBS comedy pilot What Goes Around Comes Around.

Holly Marie Combs- Piper Halliwell

Holly Marie Combs played practical sister, Piper. Since the show, she has been best known for her role as Ella Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. She has three children, is currently single and just as gorgeous as she was in Charmed.

Rose McGowan- Paige Halliwell

Rose McGowen played little sister, Paige. Since the show, she has recently been known to play Cora in the hit show Once Upon a Time. Fun fact: Her husband is a visual artist and his last name just so happens to be Detail.

Brian Krause- Leo Wyatt

Last on our main character list is Leo Wyatt, played by Brian Krause. Since Charmed, Brian has been very busy with a host of movies under his belt, including the most recent Red Sky. Brian has been divorced and has one child.

There you have it. So the original cast could totally all go out for a reunion, right?

But we can't get our hopes up. Alyssa has already confirmed CBS won't be coming for our Charmed ones any time soon. Who is excited for the reboot anyways? Maybe we can deal with the new cast? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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