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The traditional superhero team is so OVERRATED. For the past decade do gooders, like Ironman, Superman, Captain America, and Batman, have dominated the box office. But audiences want a change, and in 2016 we're going to get it. Suicide Squad hits theaters in August in 2016, and DC Comics' most infamous group of antiheroes are going to get the chance to save the day. This is just one part in a series of articles breaking down the members of the Task Force X and what role they'll play in the SKWAD. This piece discusses one of the biggest threats in the squad, who has used the pain in his past to let him become a monster.

Name: Waylon Jones

Alter-Ego: Killer Croc


Born with a skin condition that led to his skin being scaly and reptilian, Waylon Jones was forced to endure a life growing up into a part human, part crocodilian monster. He was shunned by his peers and verbally abused by anyone who saw him, which caused Waylon to leave his given life behind to find his own way in the world. He eventually found his way to a crocodile fighting ring where he got a job as a wrestler. It was there that Waylon found the true extent of his power and donned the name "Killer Croc." After Waylon channeled his strength, he set out to become one of Gotham's most feared and powerful criminals. His most notable crime was the murder of Jason Todd's parents, which landed him in prison and in Amanda Waller's Crosshairs.


Reptilian Powers: What was once a burden became an incredible asset to Killer Croc. His birth defect may have caused the beginning of his life to be a personal hell, but once he learned the true extent of his power Killer Croc became one of Gotham's most powerful and lethal criminals. His tough epidermis is almost impossible to penetrate, especially for bullets, blades, and bombs. And even if that outer armor were to fail, like most other reptiles and lizards, Killer Croc has a regenerative power that allows for his limbs and tail to grow back over a short period of time. Lastly, his reptilian instincts are more fine tuned to subtle changes than even the other assassins in the group, which makes Killer Croc an unending killing machine.


Not the Brightest Bulb: Being bullied and picked on as a child at school would make anyone's life hell and would drive the victim away from education. But growing up a monster, different and scarier than his peers, and being bullied by anyone who dealt with him would lead to a resentment for the public education system. What I'm trying to say is that there are many causes but Killer Croc's only true weakness is his lack of brains.

Anti-heroes are the new heroes! After the heroes fail to save the day, then it's going to be up to the villains and wrong-doers to stop the world from plunging to the chaos. And if these anti-heroes can't stop evil, no one can.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016


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