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The traditional superhero team is so OVERRATED. For the past decade do gooders, like Ironman, Superman, Captain America, and Batman, have dominated the box office. But audiences want a change, and in 2016 we're going to get it. Suicide Squad hit theaters in August in 2016, and DC Comics' most infamous group of antiheroes are going to get the chance to save the day. This is just one part in a series of articles breaking down the members of the Task Force X and what role they'll play in the SKWAD. This piece focuses on one of the Squad's lesser known members, who has managed to channel her incredible loss into becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Name: Tatsu Yamashiro

Alter-Ego: Katana


After being caught in a love triangle between two brothers, Maseo and Takeo, Tatsu pledged her heart to the kinder Maseo. Heartbroken and spiteful, Takeo decided to pledge his loyalty to the Yakuza, a violent and dangerous crime syndicate in Japan, while Maseo and Tatsu started their family together. With retaliation in his heart, Takeo came to Maseo and Tatsu's home in the middle of the night to challenge his brother to a duel to the death using two traditional, powerful, fighting swords. Throughout the battle, both brothers loss track of what was happening around them and managed to set their home on fire. Maseo was eventually distracted from the battle by his children and was slain by his brother. While their house was burning, Tatsu tried to save her children, but was overwhelmed by the power of her late husband's soul to leave the house and survive. That night, Tatsu was the lone survivor of the massacre and was left with only the sword that killed her husband. Little did she know that the ancient sword had an enchantment on it that made it retain the souls of its victims. Tatsu took the sword, which was named SoulTaker, and later studied and trained to become a samurai and fight for good. Tatsu is the only voluntary member of the Suicide Squad.


Trained Samurai: Ancient Japanese warriors are known for their strategical and methodical thinking when it comes to battles. Samurai were also distinguished for their strong and relentless fighting using some of the most perfectly crafted weapons found in the world, which is what makes Katana such a strong asset to the Skwad.

Wielding SoulTaker: Katana has something that a lot of the members of the Suicide Squad couldn't even fantom. She has a goal to free her husband's and children's souls from the power of the blade so they can rest. With a purpose to find a way to release the souls from the blade, Katana has reason to keep on fighting, surviving and thriving.


Isolation: After the murder of her family, Katana had a natural reaction to experiencing ultimate loss, which was to live in solidarity and loneliness to cope with her pain. Throughout her training to become a samurai, Katana learned how to deal and harness the power of herself on her own, but she still has yet to find a way to work within a group.

Anti-heroes are the new heroes! After the heroes fail to save the day, then it's going to be up to the villains and wrong-doers to stop the world from plunging to the chaos. And if the Skwad can't stop evil, no one can.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016


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