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The traditional superhero team is so OVERRATED. For the past decade, do gooders, like Ironman, Superman, Captain America, and Batman, have dominated the box office. But audiences want a change, and in 2016 we're going to get it. Suicide Squad hit theaters in August in 2016, and DC Comics' most infamous group of antiheroes are going to get the chance to save the day. This is just one part in a series of articles breaking down the members of the Task Force X and what role they'll play in the SKWAD. This is one part of a series of articles breaking down the members of the Task Force X and what role they'll play in the SKWAD. This piece delves into the most mysterious members of the Suicide Squad, but you better look out for her dark side.

Name: June Moone

Alter-Ego: Enchantress


After freelance artist June Moone was invited to a costume party at an ancient, historical castle, she accidentally stumbled upon an archaic cave. She explored the cave, but little did she had awoken a magical being that forced the age-old and evil spirit of the Enchantress upon her. Now she must bear the burden of constantly fighting for control of her own body, to not only protect herself, but the world.


Making Her Own Magic: Being forced to share her body with a spirit has caused her to sacrifice any freewill she had, but despite her sacrifices she has also been able to utilize some of Enchantress' powers, mainly her magic. Enchantress' abilities are unfathomable and allow June to create and channel energy, fly, heal her Squad members, cast illusions or create hallucinations, travel through and to anything and anywhere, and possess weaker beings.


Losing Control: Enchantress has to keep her dark side in check. If June loses control of the spirit inside her, then the entire world is left in jeopardy and at the mercy of a supernatural force that no one has ever seen before.

Anti-heroes are the new heroes! After the heroes fail to save the day, then it's going to be up to the villains and wrong-doers to stop the world from plunging to the chaos. And if this can't stop evil, no one can.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016


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