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So this is me! Hello! I have no idea what I'm really doing on here but someone said I should try blogging out. So this is me trying....

I watch a ton of Netflix during the week. Here lately I have been watching NCIS. I started at the beginning like any normal person would do. First episode opens up with a murder on Air Force One. It even has real footage of President Bush being escorted off the ginormous plane! I think that's what really interested me in the show. Every few episodes they throw in some shots of actual events taking place. So far i'm up to season seven.

Sitting on the couch watching a few episodes, I got to thinking about the plot. Do the writers of the episodes try to make the plot so predictable or am I just that clever? You see my husband and I (when he actually watches something with me) always seem to call every plot twist way before its even hinted at in the episode. Most of the time when that happens I find myself scrolling through Facebook or messaging my friends. I guess what I'm getting at is that predictable is boring. Therefore we demand more plot twists!


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