ByWilliam G Chandler Jr, writer at

Want. Acceptance. Words. Movement. Song. We all crave these elements. Everyone can relate to these aspects of life. Christ Church Neighborhood House, in Old City, Philadelphia, looks to connect us all. A Fierce Kind of Love is a performance that weaves “a collage of stories—large and intimate—of Pennsylvania's Intellectual Disability Rights Movement.”

It is the premier work that examines “this remarkable (and largely untold) history and” celebrates” the struggle, activism and fierce love that fuels the desire for dignity.” Who has to struggle for worth? Everyone has his or her moments. Imagine if it cornered you at every turn. How might you react?

Dignity is for everyone. However, others have to make it clearer, and have more focus in order to establish what belongs to them.

These are the stories that tell you how to battle through it and get it. This performance, written by Suli Holum, and directed by, David Bradley, calls to you. This program runs from April 7-17th. It stars Shawn Aleong, Charlie DelMarcelle, Lee Ann Etzold, Lori McFarland, Michael McLendon, Erin McNulty, Marcia Saunders, Cathy Simpson, and Brian Anthony Wilson.

Major support for this program comes from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage. This is also a project of The Institute of Disabilities at Temple University.

For more information on the show, and tickets for this program please visit, Thank you ahead of time, and enjoy.


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