ByAshish Sharma, writer at

Hey guys it's me back yet again, with captain America civil war theory...

And this time around, it's regarding the position of vision in the movie....

So we all know that vision is with .

So the first question that popped in my mind was, are they going to make captain America a villain in his own movie...?

Surprised?? Yeah I was, but if we look at the age of ultron, it clearly established that vision cam do no harm to others and is always in the right direction, so does this mean Tony is also right???.

Furthermore, I think that vision will in fact mostly stay neutral in this fight, and the proof is in the trailer itself.

In the scene where scarlet witch is demonstrating her power over vision.

Honestly, I was a bit shocked that she can do that to the vision, who has one of the infinity stones embedded in it.

But then a closer look cleared all my doubts. If you look closely at the scene, you'll be able to guess that vision actually is not even trying to hurt the witch, rather he's applied a defensive strategy......

So that means he's not going to be that aggressive in the movie..

It could also mean a hint of romance between these two...

Regardlessly, what do you guys think of this???


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