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You may have heard that the movie '10 Cloverfield Lane' didn't start out as a sequel to the 2008 'Cloverfield' surprise sleeper horror film. And I must admit it would have been just as good standing on its own. But who can argue the addition of Mary Elizabeth Winstead to the brand?

As such nothing is lost with the 2008 connection. Those of you who have seen the first movie might even feel a little reminiscent tingle of anticipation as you await visual confirmation of the unseen monster.

You might also be pleasantly or even horrifically surprised to find the movie is in rare form for horror flicks these days as it blends the thriller and horror genres to leave you constantly teetering on the edge of your seat.

Photo by Michele K. Short/Paramount Pictures via AP
Photo by Michele K. Short/Paramount Pictures via AP

The plot is filled with the kind of suspense you don't mind feeling while the twisting story line builds toward a climax which does not disappoint. And then the movie is over. And your sitting back asking yourself whether you would have made the same choices as the characters. Because the end of the movie is when you finally decide whether you would have been safer inside with the crazy man or outside with........

Here's what J.J. Abrams had to say about casting John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the great jobs they did nailing the characters, and why the movie was so successfully scary:

Overall it is a movie worth watching and the world seems to agree. The opening weekend critic and movie fan ratings are through the roof. IGN, Rotten Tomatoes, Screenrant and IMDB ratings are all above 80% to date.


So what's your take?

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