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Hey guys I'm back again and I guess the post about black panther can wait a little.

What I'm writing in this post is about the entry of Spiderman and during what time it happens.

Guys if we closely observe the trailer and order the instances In sequence,

We get to see that even though Spidey took the cap's shield, he still have it in the main fighting scene

And this I guess can only point to one thing......

That Spidey is Tony's final and secret weapon in this movie.

Furthermore, Tony said

-"alright, I am out of patience"

Could that mean that he was trying to reason with cap?

Does this mean that team iron man was on the verge of winning, or vice versa??

This scene can not be after the fight sequence as then the cap still has got his shield....

Or I may be all wrong and this can be a completely different scene.

One more thing that bothers me is related to someone in the background,

But I'll post an article later about that.

So lemme know what you guys speculate about this.

Thanks for reading....


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