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Quincy Jackson

Batman is cool for the movies and tv. That's great and all but he is overused. Dc comics needs to give bats a rest like a Marvel needs to give spiderman a vacation. If you would ask me if this Batman vs Superman is going out do the last batman, all I could say we will see. Keep in mine batman vs superman is not just about batman. You can clearly see that in the title. It is a different type of movie. It's going become a trend. Marvel has there the civil war coming soon. I call this theses type movies Beat-them-up Versus Films Or BVFs.The question is Can this Batman top the last Batman.It might not matter cause people do what they want to do in Hollywood.

It might make more money than last Batman movies but that does not make for a better movie. There are a lot of pictures out there that came out that fooled us into wasting our money. Just like there are lot overrated films and many more underrated ones. For anyone that is a fan of batman, I feel it is better not to go into this with too many expectation. That is where the let down comes in. We all want movies be good but there is a limit to what will come from that. That's why we have lot fan made stuff. Some that is better than the mainstream media. if we don't like we could always try to do it our self. There no guarantees on no matter what. Keep in mind just because I say this does mean you should stop posting videos or writing about what needs to be fixed. It is good let people know what you think.That's all I got say about that.


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