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10/29, Season 8 Episode update: HOLY SHIT. That is all.

So back in Season 1 of , there was this family. The father showed a lot of promise as a leader, and was well-respected in the group of survivors. Except for 's brother Merle, of course. He hated anyone that wasn't a racist redneck.

But the dad and husband, who went by the family's last name, Morales, and his wife Miranda, along with their kids Eliza and Louis, went their separate ways when Rick & Co. went to the CDC.

I've always wondered what happened to them, and if the TWD creators would revisit their story. Are they going to do just that in ? That mystery man/woman spying on Rick and Aaron, and then showing up outside Alexandria hints at his potential return, and sporting these stylish boots:

Some Morales/mystery boot person theories:

Until they tell us who this person is, here's a glimpse of yours truly's perspective! This is what a guy does when he's got photoshop and too much time on his hands...he starts making his own stories. Here's my little contribution to the world of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!

The Morales Family's Story

*evil laughs*


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