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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. has had some interesting developments lately, including the latest episode. A few different things happened, including the team seeking out more Inhumans to create a team. It was also revealed that the operatives will be all over the world, connected by technology as per Daisy's request. The latest episode featured an Inhuman with the superspeed ability. She can move anywhere in a heartbeat and then she goes back to her starting point. Of course this brings a whole new potential to the show. Not only are they fighting Hydra's Inhuman monster that took over Grant's body, but they also have to assemble a team of Inhumans to help them.

Originally when I was looking for inspiration for this article, I looked up the Inhumans to see if I could predict which one would be appearing on the TV show next. No such luck on that front, but I thought of something else.

There's a good many of the Inhuman hybrids who are teenagers, many of whom go to Avengers Academy. They were hit with terragenesis and now they're learning to control their powers. My suggestion is that they could perhaps make a spin off TV show targeted at teenagers with teenage characters. As an article I read recently pointed out, Marvel has nothing featuring characters the same age as their target audience. Teenagers would be better drawn into the world of Marvel comics if they had characters their own age to whom they could relate. How could they do this though you ask?


Avengers Academy, a series that could be a cross between a teenage drama and an action show. There's a comic by the same name, with not only Inhumans but other superpowered heroes and heroines. We've seen teenage drama/action work with The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, so why not this style for Marvel? Whether on Netflix or on TV, it could work to Marvel's advantage. The characters would then be introduced into the universe, and could cross-over, similar to what is being done by DC and the CW with Arrow, Flash and Supergirl. A drama based in a school environment, but it could have action sequences and young heroes saving people in situations.

Most of all, a series like this would give teenagers a connection to the Marvel universe. A series with heroes would also give them something to aspire to in certain ways. Yes they wouldn't have superpowers, but it would be a lesson nonetheless. I'm not suggesting it be the kind of story that comes equipped with a moral, but DC already worked out something teenage related when they created Young Justice and Teen Titans. It has been their niche for a while, and it brings up a simple question: why has Marvel not tried to corner in on that market yet?

What do you think? Would you like to see an Avengers Academy, or is there some other way you could see working? Tell me in the comments!

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